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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween In Ghana (Kind of haha!)

Here's another dandy and exciting letter from yours truly! I can't tell you how happy these emails make me!!!

Hey Family!!!

Im glad to hear that you are all doing well and i hope you keep it
up!! so ill answer questions first, No they do not celebrate
halloween, they have witch doctors and juju and superstitions 24/7 so
that tides everybody over on that point and its really really annoying
sometimes. but we just stay away from "all appearance of evil" so were
okay. They celebrate, christmas, new years, ghanaian independance day,
mothers day, and some other obscure holidays that i dont know about.
Yes i wash my clothes in a big basin by hand, actually my favorite way
is to put my soap in with the clothes and i walk in place on them with
my feet. we call it stomp washing and it works really well haha.

A typical day would go like this. wake up at 6:30, shower, make
breakfast and get dressed and ready for the day. 8 is personal study,
scriptures, missionary library and the church magazines, 9 is
companion study, share what we learned, share what we learned, talk
about our investigators and plan who and what we will teach. i also do
a little training with my comp since he is new. we leave the apartment
at 11 to go out and teach. then we work all day teaching and
contacting and doing our best to further the work of the lord. then we
come home anywhere from 8-9 we talk about the day set goals and talk
about things we could do better, then from 9-10:30 we eat dinner,
write letters, write in our journal, shower, and go to bed. and
through out all of this we have as much fun as humanly possible. If
your on a mission and your not having fun, your not doing mission

Okay so here is my week! Tuesday was district meeting in praso and it
went well. we were instructed on the power and authority of our
calling and how we should take our calling as a missionary seriously.
after we shopped a little and then went back to our area. we taught
some good lessons and a member gave us some sugar cane, i love eating
sugar cane! haha its basically like a sugary tooth brush and its
really good! you bite and suck on the fibers and the sugar comes out
and its really nice. Also that night i spoke with president shulz and
we found out that my companions mission call came! he is going to the
Benin City mission in Nigeria and he leaves at the end of next month,
so he is actually leaving me next wednesday. So i might get another
stake missionary as a companion, or i will be in a trio for a week and
then i will get a missionary from the mission at the transfer so
we'll see about that.

Wednesday we taught some good lessons. We tried to do a service
project but when we went to do it the people never showed up so we
didnt do it. Wednesday night at midweek i taught the 6 members that
came some new hymns, haha most of the branch only knows about 5 hymns
and they are as sick of it as i am so im teaching them more so we can
have a bit more variety haha.

Thursday and friday were both about the same, we worked hard and
taught some good lessons and then we also taught seminary to the
youth. Then on Saturday after teaching a couple lessons we went with
the youth to praso where everyone in the zone brought their youth
along with their non-member friends and we played football. it was
youth vs missionaries and it was a lot of fun, we lost 3-2... also the
field had about 7 big mud puddles and anytime i slipped or fell, it
somehow always ended up sending me into the water and the mud. haha
lets just say i was dirty. we played for a while and by the time we
got back it was late so that was our day. it was good though because
we got some good referrals from the youth.

Sunday was great and church went well. we had 4 investigators come to
church so we were stoked! also a few members gave us food and it was
all good! it rained a ton after church too! and since there are no
paved roads in Nyenasi everywhere was muddy!

Monday was sweet! we woke up and did our devotional, then we did our
washing. AT noon we went to KAKUM national forest. its a sweet place
that has giant Rope Bridges from tree to tree through the canopy of
the african jungle. We were about 80-100 feet off the ground and it
was sooo cool! the bridges are made out of nothing but rope, ladders
and 1 wood slat to walk on and needless to say i loved it! i will send
pictures next time, bad network today:(

So thats my week! we have some great investigators finally and
hopefully we will be having a couple baptisms next month! keep having
fun and working hard! i love you all!

Love, Bradley

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