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Monday, November 4, 2013

Rain and Snow!

Here is Utah, the snowy season has begun! And in Ghana, it doesn't snow, but it does rain! And it rains a LOT!!! It's comforting to know that wherever we are right, it will feel like the sky is falling! haha!

Dear Family,
It sounds like you guys had quite the week all around between working
and halloween and everything, i guess there is never a dull moment
for anyone in our family!
this week was a great week in Nyenasi. We taught a bunch of lessons
this week and our investigators are really starting to progress. We
committed one of them to baptism this week too!
The rain has picked back up again and it rained everyday this week. on
friday it rained harder than i have ever seen it rain in my life. the
only thing missing was the 80mph wind and it couldve been a hurricane.
there was a ton of lighting too and it was loud! it was so cool! i
loved it! Also as far as cool things in nature this week go. There was
a solar eclipse on sunday! it was sweet and we could see it really
well. from where we were the moon didnt pass completely in front of
the sun but a lot of it did! its so cool to see all of the amazing
things the lord created for us to see. Every clear night i can see
more stars than i have ever seen before and i love it! it reminds me
of being up at the west fork looking up at the stars. hahaha i liked
how you said it probably seems like a camping trip sometimes. you
would be suprised just how much it does, but its okay because i love
camping!! haha
its so true about the work in all of the church hastening. i have all
of the conference talks on audio and i listen to them over and over
again and every time i seen new things that i can be doing and the
members as well to further the work of the church. it just goes to
show that the "stone cut out of the mountain without hands, rolling
forth to fill the whole earth" is really picking up speed! and i know
how much the missionaries appreciate it when members help in the
missionary work too. Elder cook gave a CES Fireside this year and it
was also featured in the ensign for october, and the talk was entitled
"What 'ere thou art act well thy part" and its so true! Where ever we
are assigned we should all be fulfilling our duty so that we can
better serve the lord!
In other news my companion elder atila is leaving this wednesday but
the transfer isnt for another week, so i am going to be in a trio with
my district leader and his companion for a week. I also found out that
i am going to be training again this transfer!! i am excited! i loved
being with elder keetch to train him and im up for round 2! hahaha
my Snow day is going to be on the 8th! this friday! haha i hope no one
else has picked that day! also thanks for the package! i cant wait to
get it! another thing i wanted to ask for was a flash drive with music
on it. president shulz allows us to have any music that teaches
doctrine and is spiritually uplifting. so firesides, efy music,
joseph, trek, recordings from family, good christmas music;) anything.
i would love that!
I love you all so much and hope that you have a great week!
love, Bradley


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