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Monday, November 18, 2013


One of the most used movie quotes at our house is,
"You know what my grandfather says? GET BACK TO WORK!!!" - Cool Runnings
 I feel like Elder McGuire had a week like this! haha! :D

Dear Family

This week has been quite eventful and i am happy to say that i am back in my area and back to work! Im glad to hear that everyone is doing good and that everyone is staying busy. in case you guys didnt know Its Thanksgiving this week!!!! you all better eat your hearts out for me!! hahaha and dont forget to be thankful for everything god has given to us;) ive come to appreciate the statement that "you dont know how good something is till its gone" hahaha but really we should be thankful and show are grattitude for all that god has blessed us with. He didnt have to bless us with everything that we have but since he loves us he chose to do so. so Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful this week for the following:
On tuesday it was the final day of the trio, we had fun and taught some good lessons and then that night all the elders that were leaving packed up their things. Wednesday morning we woke up and the elders who were transferring left and we stayed and studied. then we went out and proselyted till around 3. Then at 3:30 our new companions came! The new elder that i am training is Elder Bannerman. He is a Ghanaian and is from Accra. He is really great and we are gonna have a lot of fun/success together. So my new companion came and together we went to Nyenasi to move back in......When we got there there were people at our apartment working. I knew that people would be doing a couple things at our apartment to fix some stuff but nobody told me just how much! They cleaned up our cabinets and put new covers on them, they tiled the floor, and painted. but they werent done when we got there. so we couldnt stay. So that night my companion grabbed a change of clothes from his bag and we had to go back and spend the night in praso.

Thursday we woke up and studied in praso and we really got to know each other. So after studying we went to nyenasi and proselyted all day there. We taught some really good lessons and even though Elder Bannerman is new he is a great teacher we just gotta work out the kinks and we'll be awesome! so we were there all day and the apartment still wasnt done, so we had to go back to praso again. Friday we did basically the same thing Except we got to stay!!! and i got the Package!!!! from the time it left bountiful to the time it was in my hands was only 14 days! i was soo happy. Thankyou parker and preston for the halloween candy!!!! i have been loving it! i haven encountered a problem though. i can only eat about 1 or 2 pieces before the sugar becomes too much for me hahaha. but its good because i can enjoy it for longer. Yes elders do get envelopes and packages. The boxes just take a little longer and you have to pay duty on it but its really not to bad at all. So i got my package and i was soo happy!!! Even though our apartment was nice and new, it was dirty from all the work, so elder bannerman and i cleaned for about 3 hours for friday night and called it a day. Then Saturday morning we spent about 3 more hours cleaning and our apartment is amazing now!!! haha i can actually keep food in the kitchen! can you believe it?! So now that all this has happened we could really get back to focusing on the lords work. So the rest of saturday we were able to teach some good lessons and also commit and investigator to baptism for next month so that is exciting!

Sunday was just awesome! we had good attendance at church, my companion bore his testimony and taught an awesome lesson in sunday school. We had 5 investigators come to church and all of them are progressing! After church we taught some nice lessons and we got fed by one of our investigators and it was just a good end to this crazy week.

Today has been great! we woke up this morning and we came in to cape coast for sub pday. we played some basketball and it was right on the beach by the castle! i finally got to go to the beach and play in the sand and stuff! i love the beach so much so i guess its a good thing im up in the nyenasi hahaha.

So that was my week! the lord really has blessed me a lot this week and i cant wait to continue on in the work! I hope you guys have an awesome week and an awesome thanksgiving! when you go around the table asking for what we are thankful for tell them that elder McGuire is thankful for the Best Family in the World!! and the opportunity to share the gosple with the people of ghana!

I love you all!!!

love, Bradley

P.S. i would love timtams, cocoa, beefjerky, music, a memory Sd card for my camera, pictures, letters, a head lamp(mine broke), maple flavoring, peanut butter, peanut butter m&ms, and really anything you would want to add, these are just some ideas

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