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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Crazy Week in a Trio!

Here's the latest from our Mowgli a.k.a. Elder McGuire! (hehe)

Dear Family,

This week has been kinda crazy and all over the place. But the work is
still the same and still amazing.

So tuesday night Elder Atila packed up his things and i packed a small
bag for myself and we spent the rest of the night talking and having
fun for our last time.

Wednesday we woke up in the morning and came to praso. we sent elder
atila off to his home town and i went and put some stuff in the praso
missionaries apartment. i have been in a trio with my district leader
and his companion all week. lets just say i love missionaries but
trios are hard!!! hahaha it has been fun though. the district leader
was in the mtc with me and we are good friends. so wednesday we
proselyted in their area and taught a few good lessons and just did

Thursday Elder Egbert(my DL), Elder Lucas(another elder in my
district), and me all went down to cape coast to the mission home for
a training meeting because we are all training this transfer. IT was
nice to get some instruction again although it was much the same as it
was last time. I really like the instruction though and it really puts
emphasis on the importance of being a good trainer. I hope i can do it
again! haha so after the meeting we all came back to praso and
proselyted for the rest of the night.

Friday we actually got to go back to nyenasi which was nice because we
actually got do some work in my area and teach some of my
investigators. We have some really good people we are working with
right now and i think we will have a baptism at the end of this month
so thats exciting. I also picked up a cold friday and its been with me
ever since, its funny, i got a cold right before i trained last
time!!!! its alright though it hasnt hindered the work and i think is
breaking today:)

Saturday was awesome! we did a service project at a members shop in
praso. Poured a concrete pad in front of his little shop. it took a
long time because we had to haul sand and dirt from far away to build
it up and then we had to mix about a yard of concrete by hand! i loved
it! its been forever since i mixed concrete and it gave me a chance to
show ghanaians that white boys can work! hahaha they think we arent
strong and dont know manual labor so much. lets just say i showed them
otherwise. it took up a lot of the day, but we still had enough time
to teach a couple lessons and get some good work in. But by the end of
the day i was SOOO tired! being sick didnt help either so i just went
straight to bed when we got back.Right before i went to bed we got
transfer news and found out that a bunch of people in our
zone/district are getting transferred. with transfers and people going
home, 1 person from each companionship is leaving so this next
transfer should be interesting. We did find out Elder Moleme is coming
up here to be the district leader so it will be fun to be near him

Sunday was nice, we woke up and went to the praso elders ward so my DL
could bear his testimony one last time, then we went to nyenasi. It
was branch conference this week so we had the district president and
his counselors there to speak and instruct and it was nice to have
some leadership helping out. there were a lot of good lessons and a
bunch of people came to church. i hope we can keep it that way!

Monday was pday and it was nice to have time to relax, i slept, and
wrote letters and we played some games. We tried to email but the
power went out so we couldnt. One of the Elders brought monopoly so we
played all day yesterday, haha i forgot how fun board games were!!!
then monday night we went and visited some people but it started to
pour rain so we went back to the apartment and were in for the rest of
the night.

Today was district meeting and we had a great lesson for our last time
with everyone in this zone, im gonna miss some guys but thats how
mission is. My new companion will be here tomorrow and im way
excited!!! not only to get my new companion but to get back to my
area. As much as i like to play third wheel, im ready to get back to

Altogether a great week! im glad to hear that you are all happy and
are having fun! The weather here is still the same hot and humid. Soon
we will be in Hamattaan which is the dry/dusty season and its gonna
get hot so we are all gearing up for it!. My clothes are holding up
well so far and im getting good at hand washing haha.

I was sad to hear about the Philippines and the hurricane. i hope that
the spirit can be working through people so that the help that is
needed may be given. i hope and pray that the missionaries are okay. i
know one of my friends(Caleb Eliason) will be there in january so he
will have his work cut out for him!

Also i like what you said about we need to put in our work to expect
blessings. We talked about prayer in district meeting today and a
missionary shared a sweet quote "Pray like it all depends on god, Work
like it all depends on you" i like that a lot! so i hope with all our
prayers we can also work hard to fulfill our responsibilities and do
our best.

I love you all!!! have another great week and dont forget to keep smiling!!!

Love, Elder Bradley McGuire

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