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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Week!

Sorry that this letter is late! Today I am grateful for letters from Elder McGuire!!! Here's the latest!

Dear Family!

So i feel a little sheepish after mistaking thanksgiving, i thought it
was always the third thursday of november?? oh well i get to celebrate
it twice now!!! hahaha! It sounds like everyone had a good week. i was
laughing so hard i was crying when you told me about preston and his
shoes, but at the same time a little angry at the teacher, hahaha but
it wasnt her fault just lack of communication. But lack of
communication can cause huge problems everywhere! its a big problem
for missionaries and investigators, if proper communication doesnt
take place, we miss out on a lot of important things and it ends up in
someone getting hurt. Communication is KEY!!!

My week was a good one and we were able to get some really good work
done, and we have some awesome investigators. We will even be having a
baptism this coming weekend so i am excited! itll be our first one
since i left tarkwa. Thursday was a funny day for me because i kept
thinking of all the things the family would be doing for thanksgiving!
hahaha whats even worse is that it wasnt thanksgiving!!! hahaha its
okay now i can focus better this week;)

This week there were also 2 funerals in nyenasi which made things
ridiculously busy. Ghanaians and Funerals are like byu and utah fans
gathering to watch the rivalry game. Everyone comes and it is just
mayhem. The funerals are just giant parties that go on for like 3
days. But despite the music and the dancing and the alcohol everywhere
we were able to still have some really sprititual lessons and we were
able to make some good progress with our investigators, hopefully
we'll be having a couple more baptisms next month.
on Friday and Saturday the power was out and lets just say its much
better to have the power on! hahaha

The candidate this week is a woman named Sis. Elizabeth. she is in her
upper 50's and she has been around the bend when it comes to churches.
She has been in them all but she says that she never quite found what
she needed to fulfill her. She already has a testimony of the gospel
and a determination to follow jesus christ to the end. A lot of time
people treat baptism as a small thing, but it is no small thing. Not
only does it allow someone to experience the full blessings of the
gospel, it qualifies someone to enter into the kingdom of heaven, the
thing we are all desire. Baptism is NOT a small thing. Baptism is
huge!!!!! i am so happy to be able to be part of such a wonderful
thing here in nyenasi.

Today in district meeting we were all trying to decide on something we
would do for the mission conference christmas party talent show. itll
be on Dec 13th. We decided that we would sing angels we have heard on
high as a zone but we would change it to PRASO we have heard on high
and have some fun with it. (praso is our zone) They want me to play it
on the guitar so im gonna be practicing, im so happy that i can still
play all the way out here in the jungle!! hahaha

Anyway thats my week!!! i hope everyone has an awesome thanksgiving
and i hope we can all avoid problems with our shoes too!! haha I LOVE

Love, Bradley

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