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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Pictures of the Jungle!

Here they are! (I swear that these are better than Christmas!!!)

Okay first things first, this is Elder Atila and he is awesome and he works really hard!

This is also one of the millions of companions I can find in my apartment

Which way should I go?????

This is a small cocoa farm

This is the typical mud house/palm tree roof, most places don't have cars though!

Okay, this is our well and our water tank, the water gets
 pumped from our well into the tank and then into the house.

The well water isn't clean, but we have a filter and it works now!!! haha

This is the main road through town, dusty and sunny!!!

The sunsets out here are great!!

This is our kitchen! It looks nice right?

This is the message that the previous elders left for us.
 I don't even want to show you inside the cupboards! haha

So this is where we keep a lot of our food, along with the fridge, yesterday I opened my bread that was in there and it was full of ants!!! So now bread goes in the fridge!

This is our awesome study desk hahaha, it's really not bad, 
because we can still read our scriptures, plan our day, 
and write our letters on it, so I'm happy!!!

Here is the apartment from the outside, its in the same compound as the church. 

This is just outside our wall

This is the bridge that we have to drive over to get 
back into a normal size town, it was formerly a
 railroad bridge but now cars drive on it and no 
trains come, it goes over the PRA River. 

Same bridge, better view

Nyenasi Train station sign

Just a nice little bridge that we walk over a lot that isn't good. Haha!

This was our nice trail to the cocoa farm on Saturday

Walkin through the jungle

An old rail line light that you could climb, it's a bad picture
I'm really not that fat ;) I promise!!!

My sweet blister from weeding

My bathroom

Me and my comp!

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