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Monday, October 21, 2013

Pictures and Stories from the Jungle!

We got a great email from Elder McGuire this week!!! I love his stories of the new city and I LOVE all of the pictures!! Enjoy!

Hey Family!
wow i seriously dont think that you guys could be having any more fun than you are right now but im sure you'll figure out a way hahaha. Thats sweet that you guys got to go up and see idaho falls! i remember loving goin up there to stay with grandma and grandpa. i think my favorite thing to do was to feed the ducks and to play sega hahaha there are some awesome memories back there.
I am making some pretty awesome memories here though. this week was another good one and the work is great as usual. Tuesdayafter we emailed we made our way back to nyenasi and got home around 8:30. the next morning we woke up and went on splits with the zone leaders. i stayed in my area with Elder Agyare and my companion went to praso with elder Harris. Elder Agyare and i had a good time and taught some good lessons. We were still able to talk to everyone because Elder Agyare is also ghanaian. It was fun to change up comps for a day and learn some new styles of teaching.
Thursday, Elder Agyare and i woke up and went into praso and we switched back to our companions. then elder Atila and i went bought food because we didnt have anything in the apartment. I love it here because Fruit is cheap!!! mom you thought i ate a lot of bananas at home??? haha i eat like at least 3 or 4 a day sometimes per meal. i can buy 10 bananas  here for 1 cedi (about 50 cents) i also eat oranges and pineapple a lot! its amazing! we went back to our area and had a couple good lessons to finish out the day.
Friday was a great day. i actually woke up in the morning and wasnt feelin good at all. not sick but just not happy. but that changed when we got to studying. leave it to heavenly father to send me a message through his ancient prophets to pick me back up. we actually had a great study session on friday and we did some really good planning for our investigators and what we were going to teach for the day.  then something amazing happened. we did exactly what we planned and had some amazing lessons! the lord blesses us so much, especially when we plan. "if we fail to plan, we plan to fail".
Saturday was sweet!!!! we woke up in the morning and instead of going straight to studying we went and met one of our invetigators and and went with her and her family to their cocoa farm and we helped them weed. to get there we had to walk about 30 minutes and part of it was straight through the jungle! we did the weeding with machetes and basically did the work of a string trimmer with them. it was a lot of fun but i got a massive blister. basically ive lost my edge, i havent done yardwork mcguire stile in 6 months and its taking its tole! haha also the bugs were HUGE!!!! i found a spider that was litterally bigger than my hand, and i am not exaggerating, i didnt get a picture of it cuz i freaked out and killed it really fast haha. it was also cool to be weeding while being able to have the smell of chocolate cake around you. so we weeded for about 3 hours and then we went back to the apartment and got cleaned up and went out for the rest of the day and had some good lessons.
Sunday was great simply because we had the opportunity to partake of the sacrament and attend church meetings. the savior has done something incredible for us and i love that we can experience the blessings of his sacrifice and our covenants with him every week and even every day. church was great and elder Atila and i taught gospel priniciples to the adults of the branch. after church we had some good lessons and a member made us some food and i got fufu!!!!!!! i havent had fufu since i left tarkwa and i have missed it so much!!! but i am enjoying other foods. there is one problem with fufu, it is not good for you at all, its a giant ball of starch that you dip in oil. Thats how its possible to have morbidly obease people in a third world country hahaha.  but yeah sunday was awesome.
Today has been really good too. we came into cape coast today and we played football(soccer) with the elders in 3 zones and it was a lot of fun. basically im not good at football but im getting better! now were emailing and after were gonna go shopping and go home to nyenasi later.
so thats me for the week!! im in a nice internet cafe so today im actually going to send pictures so get ready!!!!

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