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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Transfers: Saying goodbyes

Hey Family!!
once again another great week has come and gone!! its crazy how the time goes out here!! saturday will be my 6 month mark!!!! 
So tuesday after we had district meeting we came back to tarkwa and did our shopping since we missed the chance on monday. then we went and emailed. after emailing we were walking to a lesson and elder keetch got a phone call from president shulz.....he is totally training!!!!! i was excited for him, he is gonna do awesome! so then the rest of the week was kindof  a blurr. we didnt know who was leaving the area because transfer news wasnt till saturday and we thought there couldve been a possibility of both of us leaving because ive only been district leader for 1 transfer. so we just worked really hard and taught a bunch of lessons the rest of the week and elder keetch also went for a training meeting in cape coast. it was all great. then finally saturday night at 9:57 (dont worry it wasnt like i was waiting or anything) the zone leaders called us to tell us what was going on. 
         They told me that i was being transferred to a new area. im going to be in the Praso zone and i will be in the Yenase area and i will have a stake missionary for a companion. how cool is that!! yenase is just a tiny little village in the middle of the jungle. so needless to say these next few months are gonna be totally different and an entirely new expereince. so needless to say the last 3 days have been full of goodbyes. im gonna miss tarkwa!! for the last 6 months its been my home and i have a lot of awesome friends there! but i guess thats how mission is. its just hard to say goodbye. im gonna miss keetch too. he has become an awesome friend. 
            So sunday all of the members wanted to make us food and say goodbye. so we had 2 meals and a bunch of visits. also i got a call from president shulz and basically he said i should buckle up!! but he said he knew i could do it! that kinda made me nervous but i am excited!
         Monday i got all of my washing done and spent the day packing up everything. we also were going around to a bunch of people and saying some final goodbyes. monday night we had Fhe with the branch president and then afterwards we went and got pizza at the hotel one last pizza in yenase.......hahaha it was sweet. then we came home and talked and just enjoyed our last night. this morning we woke up and came to takoradi for  a combined district meeting. elder keetch and i are spending the day here. then tomorrow im gonna go to my new area and elder keetch's trainee is coming out here!! i kinda feel like im just starting a whole new mission now that im going to a whole new place, its weird!!
        I wish i could watch conference here but we dont. for whatever reason. we will get it on dvds in about a month or so and then ill get to watch and listen. but im sure it will be incredible!! i heard that they are broadcasting priesthood session on tv now! i heard some "certain members were complaining" i guess its okay. but i really hope people still go to the stake centers and the conference center to watch. thats what i always loved about priesthood session!!! you will all have to tell me about it next week!
        my favorite fruit out here has been the pineapple and guava! but you know me ofcourse i love it all! and in my new area its all really really cheap so im excited for that. in tarkwa a lot of stuff is expensive because its a mining town.
        Anyway. thats my news for the week. next week i will be across the mission with a whole new world to tell you guys about! tarkwa has been awesome! i hope you all are happy and have another great week!!!! love you!
Love, Bradley

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