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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Saying Goodbyes: PICTURESSS!!!!

Family and Friends! Thanks to my incredible brother Daniel, I've been able to get some new pictures working! I will hopefully have the rest of them up shortly! Here's this weeks pictures! (The captions were written by Bradley himself!)

So these guys are sweet!!! Raymond and Tony and Fred! they are some of my best friends out here although none have been baptized. Fred is really really close I hope he makes it!

This old man is brother Asmah. he is hilarious and only has like 6 teeth. He is the member who likes to clean our apartment. He is awesome!

This is Adubea. She is the best person in Tarkwa! She is a branch missionary and has helped us so much in our missionary work. She comes proselyting with us and makes us food and gives us a ton of referrals! She is a great friend.

Me leaving:(

This is Sam! Another favorite!! We baptized him in August and he is so incredible and has been through a lot. He is working really hard right now to prepare for a mission. He could leave before i even go home!!!! That's crazy!

Fred. He is so close to baptism!!!!

Me and all of the branch leadership!!

Me and the entire branch!

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