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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Short Message! (And no pictures)

Here's Bradley's tidbit for the week! It was super short, and we hope to hear more next week!!!!

Dear Family,
You already know what im gonna say hahaha. this week was once again awesome! i love that i can say that to you every week and actually mean it every time!
as far as the work goes here everything is just the same as back in tarkwa, we teach lessons and work with members as best we can and try to build the kindom stronger and stronger. Here in Nyenasi everyone is a farmer or they work in the town about 20 minutes away from us so its really hard for us to be teaching people before about 1pm because everyone is busy. we do find ways to keep ourselves busy though and we do a lot of contacting in the morning hours. Thankfully with another week under our belts we are becoming more familiar with people, members, and the area and it has helped a lot. You know once you get over the shock of everything and assimilate the work is still the same and its still of god!.
this week i was studying in Acts and in Chapter 5 it had some stuff that i loved! the apostles were going around teaching and the government officials were telling them to stop! of course they didnt and the apostles were put in jail. the lord released them from the prison and they continued on in the work. When brought before a council of officials the apostles were asked why they were still teaching. they said that they would rather obey god than men. this angered the officials and they wanted to kill them. but one of the officials stood and made the case that if they were of god then their teachings would last but if they were not then they would be scattered just as people who had come before them. but then he asks will you fight against god??? so the officials agree to release them but first they take them and beat them. Then it says as the apostles left they were rejoicing that they had the opportunity to suffer for the lord and for spreading his word!!
hahaha so i took this and i looked at myself and tried to think if everytime something hard happens, every time someone makes fun of me or laughs at me, everytime things dont go right, am i rejoicing that i get to suffer for the lord or am i just feeling sorry for myself? it has really changed my attitude and its great!! im so sorry but i dont have a whole lot more i can think of to say but i do have a bunch of pictures so ill say more in describing them okay?:)
i love you all and i hope you guys have another great week!!!! I love you!!!
love, Bradley
p.s. for my package i would love, beef jerky, cookie dough mix, brownie mix, and anything else amazing that you can think of  hahaha. also maple and ranch mix would be sweet too. really anything!! i love you!

Bradley also sent me this note:
ok sorry the computer isnt working right so no pictures:(  i promise next week i will send them...haha for reals!!! but everything is really great here and sure things are tough but then lord can help me make it through!! love you!
So, No pictures. :( Maybe next week....

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