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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's All New Again!

He's in a new area, with a new companion and a new apartment! Sounds like a crazy chance to start over!!!!!

Hey Family!!

it sounds like you guys have had another great week! i have had a
pretty crazy one myself and ill see if i can remember everything. so
here we go....:)

ok so Tuesday after we emailed, elder keetch and i went and stayed
with some elders just outside of takoradi. we had a ton of fun playing
games and talking. it was a sweet last night with keetch, im gonna
miss him, he was an awesome friend.

Wednesday morning we had to be back in takoradi by 8 so we left early
to be there on time. on our way back into takoradi our cab driver made
some police mad and they pulled us over and the driver ended up
getting arrested haha the police are so corrupt here!! so we walked
the rest of the way into town, thankfully it wasnt too far. so at 8 i
said goodbye to keetch and all of us getting transferred piled into a
tro and went to cape coast.

We got to cape coast and waited for a while so all the elders who
would be moving around were there. eventually my companion came and he
is awesome. His name is Elder Atila and he is a stake missionary from
a stake within the mission, he is 25 and is waiting for his mission
call which will be here any day now so he will only be with me for
this transfer.

While we were waiting for everyone i got to talk to my Zone Leaders
who told me a little more about my area and my assignment there. I am
basically training my companion since he has never served before.
Nobody in Nyenasi speaks english so my companion is also kinda my
translator. i need to learn the language way better. i am also kinda
the unofficial elders quorum president of the branch and i am supposed
to stress home teaching a lot. we have a bunch of less active members!

So it was a 2 hour tro ride to the main city near my area called
Praso. then from praso it was about another 20 minute tro ride to
nyenasi. For Nyenasi its a tiny little village and there is cell phone
service in about 3 places about 2foot by 2foot. hahaha yeah no cell
service, so every night before we go home we have to call the zone
leaders and let them know that we are still alive! hahaha but its
alright:) our apartment is pretty cool. we cant keep any food in the
kitchen cupboards because the rats and the bugs will get into all of
them. so we have to keep our food in our 1 clothes dresser. our study
desks is actually a small skinny table and we are on each end. Our
water comes from our own personal well that is pumped into a tank and
then pumped into the house. the water isnt clean and the water filter
is broken, so we are using a bunch of water satchets instead haha.

So Thursday was our first day of proselyting. our branch mission
leader was supposed to show us around and introduce us to members and
investigators but instead he went to praso so we went solo. we walked
around for a few hours just getting to know the place and talking to
people. we actually ended up teaching a couple lessons to people that
we just met and we just kinda started the work. Friday we worked in
the morning and then in the afternoon we came to praso because we
didnt have any food and you cant buy much in Nyenasi. We made it to
praso just in time for it to start raining harder than i have ever
seen it rain before. it rained for a long time and here taxis stop
going back to nyenasi around 6:30 so that night we ended up staying
over with the zone leaders and it was a lot of fun, but we got

Saturday morning we woke up and went back to our area. One of the
investigators the previous elders left behind was being baptized saturday so we picked him up and came back to praso, then from praso
we went to another village called Nyamakrom where the only baptismal
font is up here. the baptism went well, and one of the other elders in
the district baptized our investigator. his name is Awiah Danquah and
even though i dont really know him i was still super excited for him
to be baptized. so the baptism went well and we slowly but surely made
our way back to nyenasi. we finally got back around 3 p.m. and we taught
a couple lessons and talked to people for the rest of the night.

Sunday was a great day. we woke up in the morning and had church at 9.
the branch here is small but it is still good. My companion and i both
bore our testimonies in sacrament meeting, then we taught adult sunday
school, and finally finished off by teaching priesthood. after church
we talked to the branch president for a while about the branch and its
needs. then the Branch mission leader finally came back and he took us
around and introduced us to everything. he showed us a lot of less
active members and i realized that we have a ton of work to do!!!!

Monday was pday, we woke up and went straight to washing. then in the
afternoon we cleaned and relaxed. We didnt email or shop because the
power in praso was out, and market day is Tuesday in praso. so if
we want any good food we have to shop Tuesday
so we just kinda relaxed and wrote letter all day. then that night we
had a lesson with the man that was just baptized and met his whole
family, it was cool.

Today we woke up and came to praso for district meeting. We only have
1 district in our zone and there are 12 missionaries. we had a good
meeting and talked about how we can better help our investigators be
prepared for baptism. now we are finally emailing. i was actually
almost finished with this email and the power went out!! i was so mad!
it came back in a few minutes but i had to re write everything but i
am happy i actually get to send you guys something.

So yeah thats my week! there is a lot of crazy new stuff but guess
what?! the church and the work are still the same. the church is still
true and this work is still divine! were still workin on adjusting to
everything and getting to know people but that will come with time.

im so jealous that you all got to watch conference! i probably wont
hear it for a few weeks but its alright, im just excited!! one thing i
realize more and more out here is just how blessed our family is to be
living in the place that we do. We have so much and the lord has
blessed us abundantly! we should be greatful for what heavenly father
has given us. there are so many people in the world who have so much
less but are still happy as ever!

anyway thats me for this week. i hope i got everything. if not ill
write again next week!!! i love you all!!! keep hangnin in there!

Love, Bradley

P.S. sorry i cant send pictures here because the internet is too slow,
but i will send a bunch when we go to cape coast to email in 2 weeks!

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