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Monday, December 1, 2014

It's December!!!

Dear Family,

This week has been a great week and i am very thankful for all that has happened with you and with me! The furneral sounded like it went well. its a great time to share the message of the gospel. We had the opportunity this week to do a baptismal interview for a man who worked at a mortuary. while an elder was doing the interview another man gave us a tour around the mortuary. it was interesting and the showed us EVERYTHING. i learned some new things this week and i have also gained a new appreciation for the plan of salvation. i am so thankful for the infinite atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ!

The first two days of the week were full of packing and saying goodbyes. Elder Tembedza was going home!!! i was sad to see him go, we had a great time together. Wednesday was transfers and i went and met my new companion Elder Mngoma in Winneba. Formerly Winneba and Swedru were separate zones but now we are combined. Thats why they put us together, that way we would still know the zone and be familiar with everyone. Elder Mngoma is great and i am so excited to serve with him. he is such a hard worker and he is funny!!! i am going to enjoy my time with him.

Thursday was Thanksgiving!(in case you guys forgot) For us it was a good day of proselyting then in the evening our bishop invited us over and we pounded fufu and ate till our eyes bulged out! they lived in utah for 7 years so they understand how it goes;) hahaha then we came home and ate ice cream and i made dessert pizza, we were blessed with food that day for sure! also any time we stopped someone to contact them on the road we always talked about being grateful for gods blessings it was nice. Even we had an investigator come to bishops for dinner so we taught him what thanksgiving was and then we went around the table and said what we were thankful for. He said he was thankful for food hahaha dont worry were working on him!;) but i also agree! i am definitely thankful for good food!

On Saturday we went to winneba for a big stake activity with 3 wards. they had a tournament type thing with a team from each ward and then a team for the missionaries. we played football, volleyball, mancala, scrabble and a few other local games. it was a blast! then at 5 we had a big baptism. My companion was preparing a family to be baptized before he was transferred. luckily we were very close, so we went and supported and it was great service. Families are so wonderful!!

Sunday was a great day simply because we were in no hurry to be anywhere. we had appointments sure but we werent running with our hair on fire like usual. we had the confirmation of 2 of our converts recently baptized,  prince and patrick. it was great and they are both great young men. After church we spent the day visiting all of our recent converts. it was good because we are helping those who are still struggling a bit and those that are progressing well all gave us referrals. the people here are so amazing. Although Swedru is like the sodom and gamorah  of our mission there are still extremely amazing people here!!!

So thats my week! i hope i got it all! i hope you all are doing great and are happy this Christmas season!!!! i love you all!!!

Elder James Bradley McGuire


I found pink chicks!!!!!!

Personal study by Osmosis! My comp was tired... :)

So when things are for rent here they say "For Hiring". I think here they forgot to turn on spell check when they were painting ;)

Baptisms for Kweku, Prince, and Isaac!

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