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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

Dear Family,

It was so great to be able talk to and SEE all of you on
Christmas!!!!! you all look wonderful and happy and it really just
made my day and my week and the last 8 months! hahahaha
Most everything else this week seems Secondary to Christmas. Tuesday
and Wednesday Elder Brown and i spent the day traveling and doing
baptismal interviews for the District Leaders in the Zone.

On Christmas we woke up and Elder Browns parents had sent us each a
stocking with a tie and some candy in it so he had those out for us.
so we had a nice little Christmas then we Cleaned ourselves up and
went out for a bit. Then we got our computers set up for Skyping. WE
also went to the market and we sang Christmas carols for a lil while
and it was really fun. Then i got to call you!!! which was amazing!
then we went to our bishops house. WE had youth, single adults, and
families from the ward come and we all Pounded fufu, talked and i
played my guitar for everyone and we sang some Christmas carols

Friday was a regular day of teaching in the area and it was a good
one. we contacted some referrals and found some great new people to
teach, it was just a solid day of missionary work.

Saturday was a great day, We woke up early and headed out to church.
We cleaned and filled our baptismal font and by 9 our baptismal
Candidates had arrived. Ezekiel, Ebenezer, Emmanuel,Mary, and Steven
were all baptized. I have had opportunities to work with everyone here
and some we have been working with for a while now. But they were all
sooo happy to enter in to the waters of baptism. They are such sweet
experiences to be a part of!!! Also that day we had a wedding
reception for a member of our ward and she asked us missionaries to
sing so we all sang "Love at home" hopefully it was what she was
looking for. haha

Sunday was so great! the area Elder Brown and i are working in was
Just split into a new Branch so we are very small in number. Elder
Brown and i get to Bless the Sacrament which is nice, its been a long
time since i have had the opportunity to do that and it really is a
blessing to be able to participate in it.

The missionary work is moving on and we are all happy! Transfer news
comes this week so we'll see if i am gonna be packing my bags next
monday! i hope you all have a great week! i love you!!!

Elder James Bradley McGuire

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