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Monday, December 8, 2014

Another Great Week in the Field!!

Dear Family,

This week was a great week for us and it sounds like it wasnt too bad
for you guys either. We are all busy and doing our best to manage it
all. So ill do my best to get the good stuff in our week.
Monday night we did FHE at the Ivies and had a recently converted
family join us. I was assigned the lesson so we talked about the true
meaning of Christmas and that it is Christmas and not "xmass" everyone
calls it that here and its disappointing. but we got that straightened
out and they really enjoyed it. man im thinking christmas right
Wednesday we had Mission Leadership Council and we talked about a lot
of good things. We discussed new standards of excellence, the doctrine
of obedience, and also a new way of setting goals. Essentially mission
is changing a lot and it is great! we are doing our best to accelerate
the missionary work here to keep up with the pace the Lord has set.
tomorrow we get to report it all to the rest of the missionaries in
our zone so we get the fun part of seeing just how many waves these
changes will make hahaha. Elder Keetch was also called as a zone
leader this transfer so he was there and i got to see him. I havent
seen him in about 7 months so we were both pretty happy and we talked
a lot.
Friday we did some splits with a companionship new to the zone and
they were great. my companion went to their area and i stayed in ours.
We had a great day, finding new investigators receiving referrals and
teaching lessons. it was a fulllllll day! i guess that was good
because the next day was the exact opposite. all of our plans fell
through and we didnt hardly see anyone that we needed too. We were
able to see Fred though! Fred has changed lately and has found
challenges and trials and as a result he stopped coming to church for
a little while, we were able to teach him some good principles and he
committed to doing better. i think it worked because sunday he was
early to church and ready to get back into things. The lord is so
wonderful!!!! the spirit was able to touch Freds heart and he made the
decision to follow the promptings and come back. this gospel is true!

Now everyone is just gearing up for christmas and we are all looking
forward to zone conferences and activities. I also particularly love
teaching about he savior to people who dont understand the true
meaning of Christmas. After we discuss it with them you can see a
happiness come into their countenance that wasnt there before. they
really catch the vision of what this holiday is all about. THE SAVIOR!

I also wanted to say a big happy birthday to my awesome brother
preston!!!! bud i hope its awesome and i hope you are excited for your
baptism! i love you buddy!

Family i love you so much and i am so grateful for all the support
that you give to me!!!! i hope you have a great week! i love you!

Elder Bradley McGuire

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