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Monday, December 15, 2014

Tis the Season!

Dear Family,

Everything and everyone sounds great! I happy to hear that you are
happy and that everyone is safe.

My week was a rollercoaster so i will do my best to get it all in!

Tuesday was a meeting day for us! we first started out with all of our
zone coming together for a combined district meeting. all 30
missionaries! it was a little different having almost double the
amount of people and a little intimidating. But in the end it was
great! we gave our report on our leadership council and announced some
new policies and changes coming into the mission. It was a great
meeting though and had some great participation from the zone. we also
had everyone stand and introduce themselves so that we could all get
to know each other. After that meeting we had a training meeting with
the district leaders and the sister training leaders and spoke to them
about the need for everyone to do their part. Managing 30 missionaries
isnt a hassle if we all do our part! so we had a nice meeting and it
was successful. After that we had just enough time to grab some lunch
and catch a ride to our next meeting. Stake PEC! it was soo great and
we made it through our report quickly and effectively. the stake
president and his counselors are great and they are really energized
about missionary work. they want the stake to grow enough that by 2016
they can split! and the stake was just created this year! so we are on
it hahaha. After the meeting we went on splits that night and i was
happy to just have a peaceful tro tro ride home. that was cut short
about halfway when our tro broke down and we had to get out and wait
for another one to come and pick us up. boy life is never boring out

Wednesday was a normal and great proselyting day and i was working
with a brand new missionary of 2 weeks. he is ghanaian and is such a
great missionary. he worked with missionaries a ton before he came so
he already is awesome at teaching. we had a great day and switched
back to our companions that night.

the big thing is the companionship in our apartment is needing some
serious help right now so our mission president called us and asked us
to change companions. so i am now companions with Elder Brown and i am
proselyting in his area and elder Mngoma is with Elder Browns
companion. We will stay this way till the end of the transfer. Elder
Mngoma and i are still the zone leaders though and we still are doing
baptismal interviews and a slew of other things we are just doing
things a lil different hahaha. weve had a heck of a time keeping on
top of it all but in the end things are still great and we are all

This sunday was the big day of the week. Our ward split. So now there
is a ward and a branch. many of the leadership was in the branch so in
both cases many new leaders have been called and there is a lot of
work to be done! we are excited though because it is going to make
travel for our investigators much easier because some of them live far
away but now with the split they arent far at all.

It has been a wild ride this week and the time is flying. i am
grateful for this time to serve though and i am enjoying every second
of it! i am sooooo excited to talk to and see you next week!!! i love
you so much! have a great week!

Elder James Bradley McGuire

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