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Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas is Almost Here!!!!

Dear Family,

This week sounds awesome!!! im glad you guys are having so much fun
right now! i have a lot to tell you guys hahaha and ill do my best to
put some here but i think ill also save some for Christmas;) so here

Tuesday was our Christmas Devotional Zone Conference. It was sooo
great! it was Only our zone that was there because we are kinda far
away from all the other zones. But we had a great meeting. First we
received some instruction from Pres. Stevenson on Obedience which was
great. then we broke into teams and had some fun team work activities.
some were real hard and some were pretty easy but they were great!
then we had the biggest meal ive seen in a long time! chicken, rice,
stew, drinks, brownies! hahaha it doesnt sound like much to for us it
was amazing! hahaha. Then to end the meeting everyone sang some
christmas hymns for talents. I played my guitar for everyone and they
enjoyed it. And we got to hear some Christmas Messages and watch the
new nativity video. all in all it was amazing!

The rest of the week was all proselyting. which has been great! We
have worked hard and we are really building up our teaching pool in
this new area. We have had a lot of opportunities to share messages
about Christmas and its True meaning. ITs nowhere near as big here as
it is at home. The common thing to hear from people is "Hey! when are
you going to give me my Gift?" Everyone asks! we then do our best to
help them understand that Christmas is not about Getting, but Giving!
today we had a Zone Christmas Party and we got to watch Mr.Cruger's
Christmas! it was great and i still love it! i understand it a lot
better now than i did as a little kid haha. But the over all message
in that movie is "I Love You". that message is not very well portrayed
when we are asking for things. Lets give!

One last thing ill share this week. On Sunday we were at church and
the sacrament was about to be blessed. Right before a little boy about
4 years old named Nii( he is in the family we baptized last month) He
came over and sat down with me. He is kindof a crazy kid, full of
energy, who never stops....Just like Preston! anyway as the Bread was
about to be blessed i told him to fold his arms and close his eyes. i
had to help him fold his arms but he did it and was very reverent
during the passing. Then it was time for the Water to be blessed. this
time instead of having to tell him to fold his arms, he wrapped his
arms around himself so far they could touch behind his back and closed
his eyes with all the force he had in his 4 year old body and was
perfectly still. I LOVED IT!!!! at 4 years old this child couldnt
understand much but he understood that when we take the sacrament we
fold our arms, bow our heads, and close our eyes and we are still.
Listening to the covenants we are renewing, pondering our saviors
sacrifice for each and every one of us, and recommitting ourselves to
be better. It was a simple experience but i loved it and Heavenly
Father Taught me a new respect for the Sacrament through a 4 year old
Child. A Sweet Experience.

Anyway family thats what i have today i know its small but ill tell
much more on Christmas! I cant wait to talk to you!!! i love you so

Elder James Bradley McGuire

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