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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's Thanksgiving!!!

Dear Family,

You all are so great! its so awesome to see a family rally around each other and help one another out when things are crazy and there is always so much to do! strong families also really help a ward be strong. we dont have so many out here, but we are extremely grateful for the ones that we do have.

This week was a pretty slow one for us but i have learned a lot and the work is moving forward! This week was mostly full of goodbyes for my companion. He is going home this week so we had to see everyone before he went.

Through out the course of the week i realized that i had lost one of my memory cards with all of my pictures on it from the first year of my mission. i looked everywhere for it! i picked up the apartment and dumped it upside down, and even asked any members or investigators if they had seen it. eventually i realized it was gone. i prayed to Father in Heaven that i would be able to recover the pictures. 3 days later one of the Elders in my Apartment was walking around the outside and he found it on the ground! some may say coincidence but in reality it was an answer to my prayers and it strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father listens to and hears All of his children.

We had stake conference this weekend in our stake also and it was great! it was a broadcast from Salt lake recorded on a dvd for us. the messages were directed towards africans specifically and they were great! they addressed a lot of issues that are prevalent in ghana.

Also this weekend we got Transfer news!!! dun dun dun!!!!! hahaha transfers are the thing all the missionaries in the world are excited for, stress about, and lose sleep over. For us in our zone we actually dont have to many transfers. My new companion is going to be Elder MNGOMA he is from south Africa and has been on mission for almost 18 months now. he is sweet! he is coming from the zone right next to ours. the big news with this transfer is that the zone my new companion is coming from is combining with our zone. this is huge because it will make us to be the largest zone in the mission! were going from having 16 elders to having 30!! and 6 of those are going to be sisters so we are bucklin up for a wild ride! hahahaha im excited though. All i can say is lets do it!

Also i have now sent all my christmas packages off to you guys so hopefully youll see it soon! it might be a little late for christmas and if so i guess itll be a nice new years present hahaha.

Anyway i hope you all have a great week and that you all have a great Thanksgiving!! im thankful for all of you!!!!! i love you!


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