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Monday, November 17, 2014

I am Thankful!!

Dear Family,

I think that i am going to copy mom this week! First of all Im thankful to hear from a family each week that loves me and supports me and means everything in the world to me!. I am thankful for hints from my mom to send pictures( i promise next week i will!)

Im thankful that the lord has prepared people for us to teach here in my area and for their progress. Im thankful for little miracles that allowed us to have 3 amazing baptisms this evening. That members have the courage to refer a friend and in turn that friend brings 2 other friends with him and they are all baptized together. That is progression! that is missionary work! that is what the lord wants! Things never happen on accident everything that happens everyday can be learned from and i am learning so much!

Im thankful for Cars! haha Cars that the assistants and the mission couples can drive as we go to District meetings all over kingdom come. im thankful for 4 wheel drive that can take us over the most treacherous roads that ghana has to offer! Im grateful a wonderful mission president who cares and takes time to listen when needed and works so hard for each and everyone of his missionaries. Pres. Stevenson is so great!

Im thankful for technology/Electricity! in all its forms! like when you are showering and just as you pull out the bar of soap the power goes out and the pump that is pumping the water shuts off and all of the sudden there is absolutely nothing to rinse your body with!(hahaha im also thankful that that was just a prank played by a missionary in the apartment!) Im also grateful for Computers.1 so that i can talk to my family every monday. 2 so we can create a report that makes reporting at stake meetings sooo much more simple and effective!!!

Im thankful for Saving Ordinances, With The baptisms tonight and the confirmations of our previous converts yesterday i have been able to think a lot about these important saving ordinances. IT is such a special thing! and I love being able to work towards those ordinances with investigators and myself. I got a call earlier today from Prince Baidoo. In case you dont remember Prince was my first baptism here in Ghana. I learned about 8 months after i left he had fallen less active. i wrote him a letter and encouraged him to come back. Today he told me that 3 weeks ago he went to the temple for the first time to do baptisms for the dead!!!! soo sweet!!! now we just gotta get to the Endowment!!!!!

Im Thankful Good people in the ward and also in the Zone that can make a Preparation day memorable. Today we roasted 2 pigs and a goat and ate a ton of food after doing a service project to level a road that is absolutely horrendous leading up to a church in Swedru. Then those Same people after working and sweating all day Turned out for an amazing Baptism/YSA Family home evening! these are the moments that i will never forget!

Finally Im thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. For the ability to be comforted by his Everlasting sacrifice which was not only for our sins and transgressions but also for any kind of pain or suffering that we will ever endure. When appointments go all wrong. nobody wants to listen to you, and it seems like there is no way things can get any worse. A light shines through and the Atonement of Jesus Christ is there to help us all! im also thankful for the way the Atonement helps us to let go of things of the past and with faith look toward the mysterious wonderful future in front of us!

Family i love you so much and i hope you all have a great week!

Elder James Bradley McGuire

P.S. Dont Freeze to Death!

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