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Monday, November 3, 2014

November is Here! Along with a bunch of Pictures!!!

Dear Family,

Halloween sounds like it was great for everyone and with fall coming on i can imagine things are starting to cool down finally! for us things are just warming up and soon we will be baking in the oven!! Hahaha i was reading the email and when mom mentioned AFV in my head im like "What is that??" it took me like 5 minutes of thinking hard to remember!! hahahaha i love that show! i guess its been a while huh?;)

As for me this week was a good but rough one but i am happy overall. I was fighting a cold all week long which was no fun but it didnt slow us down too much.  The big thing that slowed us down was our surprises. Our investigators that we were planning on baptizing didnt make it. Some up and traveled with no notice and others just had things they needed  a little more time to work on but we are okay and im confident they will be ready before the month ends. This work is so great!!! out here its easy for missionaries to get into a routine of pushing people through the process of teaching. but we are doing more than that we are helping these people understand eternal principles and the fact that their
Father in Heaven loves them and wants them to be happy. So we are working on it!

The Iveys took a trip into Accra this week and while they were there they were able to get me a new camera that is great! its so nice having a couple in the zone they help with the work so much! hahaha so now im sending pictures everyweek so even if i do get robbed again i dont lose any pictures!

This week the work has been great but we have been missing one of our recent converts. Kwesi just kinda disappeared and we dont know where he is at all. we we havent seen him in 2 weeks and he hasnt contacted us or anything. we hope and pray everything is okay.

In happier news hahaha well maybe it only makes me happier, members came and helped us clean the church this week!!! hahaha usually its us and like 3 other members cleaning every week but this week all of the youth came and a lot of others! it was great it only ended up taking us 45 minutes so it was just enough time left to play a football game with the youth. im actually not that bad anymore;)

Also for church this week we finally got the Conference DVDs so we got to watch the Sunday morning Session!! it was so powerful!! my favorite talks were the first 3 about sustaining the prophet! with Pres. Eyring talking about receiving personal confirming revelation. Elder Nelson about sustaining leaders and also Sister McConkie about sustaining leaders!!!! all i can say is i sustain my leaders!!!! but obviously there are a lot of ways we can all improve. Its sad to think that people have problems sustaining those called by God to lead. Its a good thing we know God blesses us with out reservation when we keep his commandments without reservation.

I hope that was a good update for the week im gonna cut this one short so i can also send some pictures!! i hope you all have a great week and are ready for a blast of cold coming your way!!!! i love you!!!

Elder James Bradley McGuire

This is the corn we planted with kwesi 2 weeks ago! its already growing up

This kid is so cute!!! his name is Nii Nortey and he is a fire ball!

Our iron broke this week so we had to improvise! (it didn't really work)

 We were gutting our watermelons!!

My watermelon-o-lantern

I was a baseball player for Halloween!

My companion and i in our Halloween costumes

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