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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's Halloween Week!!

Dear Family,

This week has been great week. it sounds like everyone is ready for another long weekend! but it also sounds like you have already had a lot of the halloween fun! this week we are going to carve watermelons because we dont have any pumpkins it should be fun though.

As for life on this end things are pretty normal. We had a pretty slow week this week but things are progressing steadily. We are actually having alot of success in a new area. We base out of one small village but sometimes we go to the other small villages around. For a long time we were going to a place called manso. The stake patriarch lives there and we figured we would have some good success out there but as we were going the people just werent receptive and we had a difficult time teaching people. On a visit to the patriarch he suggested that we go to another town instead of his. So we started going out there and man o man that place has done so great! we have already baptized one young man there and we have many more that we are working with closely. Now every time we see our patriarch we ask him for any other suggestions he has for us;) hahaha

This week i also had my first real run in with Anti-mormon material. being out here in africa we havent had to deal with it to much so much as just small rumors. This week on of our investigators asked us about an article he had found on the internet and he asked us to explain a lot of things to him. We did our best but in the end our efforts were futile. he had already invested so much into it that he thought it was all true and wasnt really listening to anything that we would say. Its so sad how a little thing like that can cause someone to not want to listen to the message of the restored gospel. Satan really is working hard. Luckily we know he will never win!

It was Elder Bolabasaga's (an elder in the apartment) birthday this week so his companion took us all out to pizza! it was so good! hahaha its been a while. i have gotten adventurous though and ive started making banana bread and its so good! i got the recipe from a member and its great!

Also exciting news this week. we found a new family to work with. Actually we didnt find them the other elders in our apartment did. They were walking home from their area one night and met a woman on the street with her kids and invited her to com to the church. She did and brought her husband along with her and they are solid. They have told us that they have already made up their mind to join our church and they are so receptive to the message to the gospel. They truly have been prepared. I love working with families!

We have been working with a few part member families lately and they are all progressing really well. We are hoping to have 6 baptisms this weekend so we are working hard to prepare them all for their day. This work is so great!!!!

This week i applied President Monsons talk from priesthood session. Ive learned so much! i think the biggest one was about planning effectively. Ive always noticed that the days we plan more in depth always go better! The days we dont plan as in depth dont always work out so well. So like a ship with out a rudder, a day with not good planning will not go very well!!!! obviously this is not new but ive noticed it in a new light this week.

I hope you all have a great week and have a great halloween!!! make sure to eat some extra candy for me okay!!! and take plenty of pictures!!!!! i love you all!!

Elder James Bradley McGuire

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