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Monday, October 20, 2014

Top 10! (Well, actually 4, but who's counting?) ;)

Dear Family,

This week was another good one!!! i guess im gonna copy mom and do the top 10 of my week!!!!

10. i guess this one should really be 100 though. Last night We got robbed! not by gun point or anything but while we were in the apartment someone reached through our window and stole my camera off my bed. we have 2 sets of bars on our windows to prevent that. its happened before in our apartment but i wanst here yet. so yeah it was as big bummer but im learning from it and trying to make the most of the experience!

 The teteh family, the family recently baptized have had some challenges this week. One of their sons fell sick and has been in the hospital for 5 days. Thankfully today he is coming home and he is doing okay now. We have been praying for them and we are trying hard to help them continue their conversion to this wonderful gospel.

We had a really nice lesson this week. We have an investigator that we have been struggling with for quite a long time now. We would teach and on a follow up appointment we would ask if he remembered what we taught and he couldnt recall a single thought. We decided to bring an art book to teach him with. As we went to the appointment we were missing one thing, a translator. The young man doesnt speak english at all. All of our members were busy and didnt have time to accompany us to the lesson. We went hoping to just help him see a few things with the pictures. As my companion and i stumbled through all of the fante we new in describing the pictures and connecting them to the restoration of the gospel he understood everything we said. Some would say that is a small thing but it really was a miracle.

Okay i guess im not doing 10 but ive got some more good stuff;) hahaha

Today WE did a service project as a zone and went and helped one of our recent converts plant his farm with corn. He is disabled and could have done it himself but it would have taken forever. So it was a great service project. The sky opened up while we were planting and we got soaked but we had a blast.

i just wanted to tell you guys thankyou so much for the voice recordings you sent me last week. they were exactly what i needed to get through a hard time. im taking the challenge that you came up with after conference to apply one thing a week till next conference. this week i started with Pres. Uchtdorfs talk in priesthood session. "Lord is it i?" as i have applied this this week i have learned alot about myself and about others. But all in all i have learned a lot. I think the biggest thing is that no matter what we are doing there is always something to be learned! so look for it and learn it! i love you all! have a great week!!

Love, Bradley

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