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Friday, October 10, 2014


Dear Family,

This week was a great week for us with a lot of surprises. from week to week the missionary work is about the same but the surprises are not.....i guess thats why they are called surprises hahaha.

Things in our ward have been very busy lately because we are preparing for a split. it takes a lot of work!!!! thankfully we are just he helpers in that effort but there is a lot to be done and we are doing our best to reactivate members and work with more families.

This week we went to see the Teteh family and when we got there we noticed the father had a huge bandage on his middle finger. When we asked him what had happened he told us a big long to cut a long story short, he got in fight with his neighbor that was high on weed and his neighbor bit the top of his finger off!!! all that was holding on was a little piece of skin! so crazy!! but he was bandaged up and ready to listen to us. He was much more attentive this week....hahaha i think he had been humbled a little bit;) When we had been planning for this week we felt we needed to wait a bit to baptize the father and mother just so they would be more prepared, but as we came to meet with them  we realized they really were ready so this weekend we had a baptism! Last week Evans and Precious were baptized (son and daughter), and this weekend Mary, Samuel, and Patrick were all baptized( mom, dad, and son). they have 2 other children that are not 8 years old yet. but this week was great! We were able to help an entire family learn about the gospel and in turn they chose to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized! this work is so incredible and so true!!!

I think the most amazing thing about this work is that it is perfect! it is worked by imperfect people but it is perfect! i was studying in mormon this week and i came across a great scripture. In chapter 9:31 moroni talks to us about imperfections. He said we should not ridicule or criticize but we should thank God that we can see them and then we should learn from them! John Bytheway has a quote in a fireside that goes like this "wise people learn from experience. Super Wise people learn from others experiences" the scriptures are full of others experiences and they help us so much today! we should all study the words of the prophets so that we can learn as much as possible!

Not much else happened this week except that on sunday i hit my 18 month mark! so crazy! the time is going by too fast! but i am going to work my hardest to make the most of this time the lord has given me to work in his vineyard. i love you all so much and i hope you have a great week!

love, Bradley

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