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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We Survived Another Week!!

Dear Family,

Well its business as usual this week and there is never enough time to write but here goes!!

This week we were running running running everywhere. We managed to make it to everywhere in the zone in just two days! we did 6 baptismal interviews for other elders and we had 6 of our own to do. With splits thrown in the mix and the power going on and off constantly it was a challnege just to see straight but we made it! Especially since weve seen it all with Alacrity!

On Wednesday we went out to the other districts district meeting again and the instruction was great. We read Moroni 10:32 and i absolutely love that scripture! if we connect it to Ether 12:27 and 2 Corinthians 12:9 we can learn a lot about how the lord perfects his children and about how we can follow his will. it has helped me a lot this week.

Saturday was our baptism and we felt like everything was going well. but when people started showing up we were short 3 candidates....half of the family we had intended to baptize didnt show up! they had all gone to farm and lost track of time and the mom just didnt come for no reason at all. Despite this set back we felt it important to still baptize the the two that did come. out of the family they have been coming the longest and they were the most prepared to begin with. so we proceeded with the baptism and it was all great!

Immediately following the baptism we had a "new members night" for all of the members who have been in the church for the last 2 years. it was great we watched the restoration and got to discuss about it and any other concerns that they had. A lot of people just ended up sharing their testimonies of the church and the spirit was so strong! After the meeting ended we were walking out of the church when the power went out and then we saw this bright flashing light on the horizon it flashed for quite a while then stopped. a transformer station had blown up in a town about 30 minutes away. man it lit up the entire sky!!! i talked to the missionaries who proselyte there and they said that when it happened people started praying and "repenting" in the streets! they thought it was the second coming! haha others started running to the ocean (idk why??) but he said people were just freaking out! we all got a kick out of that though. there ought to be some sort of missionary opportunity that can come from that huh?;) hahaha

Sunday was a great day with Confirmations of our candidates and 2 of them also Received the priesthood. because of the blown power station we figured the power could be out for about 2 to 3 weeks so we all went to the ivies to charge our battery lights and our phones (they have a generator). While we were there the power came back! hahah we were happy. then we got to our house and the power was stil out over there. but now were pretty sure its back so we are lucky.

thats all i got and my time is out but i hope you all continue to have a great time at home! enjoy conference!!!!! i love you all!!!

Elder McGuire

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