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Monday, September 1, 2014

Another week as Zone Leader!! And a Little Sidestory

Dear Family!!!

well.....that was a lot to read.....hahahah you guys are having so much fun!!!!! i absolutely love hearing from all of you and all that is happening. It sounds like Heavenly Father is taking care of our family and then some! its so nice! things can be stressfull on all fronts but my family sends a peace over my mind that is incredible! did you guys know that i love you!!!!!

We had quite a few things happen here this week to so i will try to get it all in!
Tuesday we left for our first appointment and it fell through, and on our way to the next it started raining.....and it rained....and rained....and rained some more....and kept on raining!!! and this wasnt just a sprinkle, this was torrential rain!!!!! it finally stopped about 4 hours later and we said "where did the day go???" so yeah that second lesson was great! hahaha we had all the time in the world.

We traveled all day Wednesday with the ivies. we went to the other side of the zone for district meeting again and also had a couple interviews to do. traveling is fun but it makes me miss my area too hahaha. but i love getting out to see the elders and their areas and talking about the work with all of them. The Ivies are also so helpful and they make being in this zone amazing!!!!

On Friday i got my package with the dresses and on sunday my bishop came home so i am a happy boy!!! thankyou so much for those things they are all incredible and they were much needed/appreciated by myself and the rest of the elders in my apartment. the mcguire family is famous out here!!! the girls loved the dresses so much! im sure you saw in the video. we stayed and played with them for a few minutes and they took the dresses off just as fast as they put them on. they wanted to keep them clean and nice so they all went and put them away to wear on a special occasion. thankyou all so much! you make my mission so amazing!!!!

Saturday we got the transfer news for the zone and there are a lot of changes happening. my companion and i are staying the same as expected but a lot of other things are moving around. we are also having a new area open in the zone so we are growing! mission transfers are always fun and exciting. its also hilarious how much the elders like to talk about them and try to guess what will happen.

Sunday was a sweet day. Church was great and after church we had 3 baptisms for the ward. there are 4 missionaries here so it makes the baptisms so great because a bunch of people come and the converts feel so much support! Fred was so happy and he was truly ready for it! next week he will be confirmed and the following saturday he is gonna go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead for his family! so exciting!!!! Also that evening our bishop came home and he called us over to see him. He gave me the package you sent with him! thankyou so much!!!! the scriptures are amazing and i am so excited to have the new edition! ive been using the ones i got for seminary from when i was 14 hahaha. thank you!!!!!!

 i hope and pray that all of you continue to be safe, have fun, and enjoy! i love you!!!!


So about a Month ago, My family got together and made some cute dresses for girls in an orphanage by me and sent them in a package! I got them this week and we delivered them to the girls!!! Here is a picture after we handed them out!

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