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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Good Week!!!!

Dear Family,

Im glad to hear that grandma is doing okay and i hope and pray that her surgery goes well today. im praying for her! im glad to here that everyone is doing well and that you are all happy. like i said before, it does a missionary some good to know that even if it seems everything is challneging out here at least at home things are going well. im excited that all of you guys got to see sharlee!! needless to say i was excited to read all the emails today about everything that is happening with her. thanks for helping me out;)

Things out here are great and crazy as ever! this week we were traveling a lot for meetings and we were just kinda all over the place. Elder Curtis of the Seventy and our Area President came and did a mission tour this week and it was great! on Wednesday we had Missionary leadership Council and on thursday we did a zone Conference and in both cases we were instructed by him and it was great. In his main message he instructed us on Alma Chapter 5 which was right on the money and i loved it! the scriptures are all so full of amazing advice but we need to make sure that we read it and learn it!! if we dont and we dont have the knowledge then its our own fault for not reading it!

This week i want to talk about the importance of being happy!!!! its essential!!! in missionary work and in life in general. Happiness is a choice. In any situation you can choose to be happy or to not be. trust me, its better to choose to be happy!! it makes missionary work so much easier. And when we are happy, other people see it and they want it so it gives them a desire to ask us why?? then we get the chance to share the message of the restoration and invite them to learn more! but i feel like as we choose to be happy we also allow ourselves to look and focus more on the blessings we are recieving then wallow in sorrow for the things we dont have. I dont know if that makes sense but i know its important to be happy and i like it!! haha

Fred is doing great and on saturday he went and did baptisms for the dead at the temple and he absolutely loved it!!! he says he wants to prepare for a mission and he is setting things in order so that when next august rolls around he can submit his mission forms. That is so awesome that grandmas bday is coming up!!!! she is so amazing!!! i hope she is continuing to do okay along with all of you!!! i want you all to know how much i love you and how much i pray for you and care about you!!! i couldnt do this without you and i want you to know how grateful i am for all of the suppport that you give me! you make my life complete!!!! i hope you all have a great week!!!! i love you so much!!!

Elder James Bradley McGuire

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