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Thursday, September 25, 2014

What a Week!

Dear Family,

Alacrity sounds great!!! im going to do the same thing this week and
apply it to everything! when the power goes out......when no one
speaks english.......when the water goes out......when investigators
struggle.....when investigators progress......when im on the toilet
for 2 hours because of the meal somebody fed me 3 days ago.....all of
it!!! hahaha

Grandmas recovery sounds great and i hope it continues to go well. i
fasted for her and all of you on sunday. its a bummer to hear about
preston but im glad he is taking it like a trooper. hes got quite the
support system of parker.The missionary opportunities with the cub
scout boys sounds great! i hope things go well with that. I cant
believe we have 5 teenaged girls living next door now! i guess ill
never see kait when i come home hahahaha. just kidding. The mountains
also sound amazing!!! i hope you took pictures!!!!

The missionary life in Ghana never gets dull and new things happen
every week. One of those fun new things was on tuesday. We came to our
chapel to have District meeting and when we got there we noticed a
funny smell. when we went inside we realize the place had been
fumigated for mosquitos so we couldnt stay inside. so we had district
meeting on the lawn! it was fun and hot.

Another new thing happened this week that i enjoyed immensely. We get
non citizen resident cards here that have to get renewed once a year.
the whole missions just expired this month so we had to renew them.
The only place inside the mission that had a place to renew them was 4
hours away. but accra is only 2 hours we got to leave the
mission and go to accra to renew ours!!! it was sweet because the
place was right next to the area office and the temple. so we got to
walk on the temple grounds and stand in the shadow of the lords house.
Even though we didnt get to enter it was great just to feel the spirit
there and to be on holy ground. It took the whole day wednesday and
even though we lost on proseltying time it was well worth the trip.

On thursday we were going to visit an investigator in nearby village
and while we were walking there it started pouring rain!! not just
sprinkling it was shower head rain!!! with no houses on the left and
non on the right all we could do is keep on walking (with Alacrity)
and we got soaked!!!! i felt like i had broken the rules and jumped
into a swimming poool!!! thats about how wet i was hahaha. but it was
okay. thanks to the African sun we were bone dry by the time we got
home hahaha. And the lesson we had was well worth the walk. It was to
see a young man named Kwesi. He doesnt have much but he loves the
church and the gospel. We are preparing him for baptism this weekend
and we are excited for him.

We are also preparing a Family The Teteh Family. with the mom dad and
5 kids 3 of which are baptism age we are sizing up for an incredible
weekend. Ive never worked with an entire family before and i have to
say it truly is amazing!!!! they have struggled for quite some time
but finally they are prepared and we are so happy to be a part of
their progression. They have had to make a lot of sacrifices to be
where they are now and they are just awesome!! so needless to say we
are excited for this weekend.

Fred continues to do great and this week he was called to be the
Secretary in the Young Mens Presidency! we also had an activity at his
house yesterday where we roasted 2 cats!!!(we got 'boared' with pigs
hahaha) but yeah he is doing great and helps us everyday in

Those are the highlights of the week! i hope i got them all! i hope
you all are still having fun and doing great!!! i love you!!!

Love, Bradley

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