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Monday, August 25, 2014

School Starts!!!

Dear Family,

What a week! hahaha things are just moving right along at home huh? its the same out here and it is all wonderful, hard, crazy, and amazing! Fall sounds so nice!!! the temperatures have been cooler here but oh what i would give to feel 50 degrees again!  Thats too bad about Pat! i hope the doctors will be able to adress it and help her out! she'll definitely be in my prayers and fast this coming week. i cant believe school is starting for the second time on my mission!!! hahaha and kate is going to homecoming??? thats awesome!! Kate said the trip was pretty incredible! i bet the boys enjoyed the museum. hahah honestly all i can remember from going there on the family reunion was that if we did something nice grandma great would give us a bag of gummy bears and i got mine while we were at the museum hahaha!

For me this week a lot of things have changed/happened and it is a whirlwind!
We had transfers on Wednesday and that was fun to handle. luckily only 2 missionaries moved but we will be having another transfer in 2 weeks and i have a feeling it will be a lot bigger! we have a lot of missionaries in this zone that have been here for a long time.

My new Companion is Elder Tembedza. He is great and i am excited to work with him. He goes home in 2 transfers and is a stud. We are gonna have fun together and im excited to learn from him.

Elder Judy also was transferred out this week to go and be a zone leader so for the next two weeks we are in a trio with his companion. trios are always interesting but we are working hard and we are doing good with it.

One sweet thing that happened in the Ward this week was that we had a contacting activity with all of the members. We split up with Melchezidek priesthood holders and they all took us to referrals or we went contacting and it was great! we got a lot of contacts and referrals and we are excited to follow up on them.

Fred is still doing amazing and his baptism will be this coming sunday! we are so pumped!!! Also the family we have been working with just wasnt progressing the way we had hoped so we wanted to move their baptismal date back a bit. when we told the father he said no and that he wanted to be baptized on the 31st he promised to meet with us every day till then to be prepared...we accepted with some hesitation.....the next day the mother came to church but he and some of the children didnt so obviously we need to do some more explaining to him. the language barrier can be so hard sometimes. but we are using members and things will be okay. The work is incredible and we are starting to find more people to teach along with these ones so we are busy and happy.

For me this week ive noticed things i want to improve on. Improvement and progression are eternal principles. We need to make sure that we understand that so we dont try and change and become perfect all at once! step by step, here a little and there a little. Heavenly Father has given us all Talents and we need to be those who develop them so they remain with us. We shouldnt be the one who buries our talent only to have it taken away. Im trying my best to develop my talents out here and to become more like the Savior.

So thats my week guys! i hope it was okay! i hope you all enjoy the fall! football, the weather, the leaves...all of it!!!! i love you!!!!


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