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Monday, August 11, 2014

Top Ten of the Week!

Dear Family,

what a week! i think its so funny that i get so excited and hyper at the beginning of every letter each week but what can i say?? i love you guys! i love the mission! i love the lord! i love life!!!!! so yes i will be energetic!!!!! That is so sweet that you got to go to Heidi's homecoming!!! Mom if you need to sharpen the knives that is fine it just means i will be going on a special fast tomorrow;) hahaha I'm just kidding (don't accidentally cut yourself!). Preston is going to be quite the Adventurous kid when he grows up. i guess we otta give him a whip, cowboy hat, and call him Indiana! the new ward sounds great! Bishop Kofford will be great!!

My week was a good one as usual, mom i think i will copy you today and do my 10 things of the week!

10. We had Mission Leadership Council this week and it was great! we talked about a ton of stuff ranging from Ebola details to the kind of music we listen too. My favorite part was when president Stevenson instructed us on an interesting way to look at the church. In the church we have 3 basic things Doctrine, Principle, & Policy. As we take time to understand the doctrines and the principles of the church it is so much easier for us to understand and accept the policy. I think understanding the policy of the mission is the biggest challenge for missionaries sometimes. I also think its the biggest challenge people have learning about the church because they see more of the policy than anything else. But being a missionary is great because we get to help them understand the Doctrine and Principles that they don't see and it makes it all good. i learned that!

9. We had a zone meeting with all of the elders in the zone to instruct on what was shared in MLC and it went really well, the elders contributed and made it a discussion and it was sweet! the elders in the zone are great and they are also close.they help each other and build each other up and it makes being a zone leader so easy!!! i love it!

8. Fred is still doing amazing! On sunday we taught him after church and we gave him a few Book of Mormon quotations to read and said if he finished those he could start from the beginning and go.....we missed a few appointments with him and didnt see him again till saturday. When we asked him if he had read he announced that he had read the entire book of first Nephi!!!!! we were so surprised! man he is so powerful and he is great! he is making friends at church and things are great with him.

7. Sunday was absolutely incredible this week for no particular reason. Everything just went well. The Sun was out too! its been cloudy for the last few weeks which has kept things cool but the sun was non existent, it was out on sunday and it was still cool! it reminded me of home! i love being able to take the sacrament! sundays rule!!!

6. We did splits for two days this week so everyone in the area thought crazy stuff was happening. on Thursday i had a new companion and then friday another one and all of our investigators were really confused. it was fun though and i love conducting splits. its fun to learn about the missionaries in the zone and to also learn new styles of teaching and doing the work.

5. Today for pday we decided we had to roast another pig but this time it was just us at the apartment. it was great and we are going to be able to have some meat all week instead of just one day now. dont worry i promise i still proselyte i dont just roast pigs all the time! hahaha but yeah its pretty great.

4. On draw back we had on sunday was that both of our converts that were baptized last sunday didnt show for their confirmations. Hayford is in the hospital with food poisoning. and Bro. Amoah had a family member die and went to a funeral.  but all is well and they will be confirmed next week.

3. This coming Saturday we are going to have the AFrica Helping Hands Service Day and its gong to be sweet! everyone in africa will do service that day and we are going to see if we cant talk to a million people that day! i thought it would be a pretty sweet way to celebrate Daniels Bday! happy Bday Bro!!!

2. Every day out here is a challenge. It is a blessing. It is amazing. It is divine! I absolutely love mission and i love the lord! i am trying my best to become the person Heavenly Father wants me to be and he is continually strengthening me out here. Especially through you!

1. I love you all with all of my heart and i have no idea what i would do without such and amazing family!!!!!!

I hope you all have a great week!!!!

Elder James Bradley McGuire

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