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Monday, August 4, 2014

August Really?? Plus Pictures!!!!!

Dear Family!!!!

Well lets just say that this week was insane!!!! so much has happened and idk where to start!!! first off im glad that you all are safe and happy and i hope that it all stays that way but with kate driving now im not sure......hahaha just kidding im sure she'll be great!!!!

All i can say is that this work truly is ordained of god and im so happy to be a part of it! we have seen leaps and bounds of improvement this week and our area. We have been able to teach a lot of lessons and they are all great. The reason being is we are finding a lot of new people to teach and they are all awesome! the lord really helped us this week by leading us to those souls that he has prepared. Ill tell you about one of them.

 Fred is a young man that i have talked to on the streets in passing a few times and finally he invited us to come and to see him. The first lesson was a really good one, the spirit was strong and he committed to pray and ask about joseph smith and the church. The second lesson was even better. he told us that he had prayed and that he knew that what we were telling him was true. obviously we had to do our best to keep from jumping out of our chairs and screaming because of joy. WE then proceeded to teach him my all time favorite lesson. The Book of Mormon. IT is so wonderful!  he asked questions and we gave answers as directed by the spirit. he promised to read and was excited to do so. To finish the lesson we read in 2 nephi 31 where it talks about how Christ Fulfilled all righteousness by being baptized and being obedient to the fathers commandments. He then told us that he had not been baptized anywhere yet and that he wanted to be baptized into our church. After scraping our jaws off the floor we gave him a date for the 31st of this month. hahaha Heavnely Father is amazing!!! so yes we are happy to say the least.

Also this weekend We had B.K. Amoah and Sis. Hayford's Baptisms and they were great! the ward helped us out so much and they made it awesome. it was by far the best baptismal service ive attended on my mission. They were both so happy and we were happy to be able to take part in it. The other elders in our Ward were also having 2 baptisms so Elder Judy did the baptizing for all of them. I love mission!!!!

In Other news there is some interesting stuff happening out here in west africa. im not sure if you guys have heard yet but here is the info. There is a Disease out here Called EBOLA it is pretty deadly and is causing a lot of trouble in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Because of this the missions in those countries have been closed. As a result our mission is recieving 20 new missionaries this week so things are going to be busy this week. As far as the disease goes it is passed by touching someone who has it. it is not airborne. and most countries have closed their borders to flights from any of those countries. it is actually making it difficult for the missionaries to get out but we are praying they make it soon. AT any rate i want to let you all know that we are all okay. WE are safe here in ghana and we will be fine! this is just and adventure and we have to take it as it comes! but much prayers are going to be needed in the next few days for the safe arrival of our new brothers coming to the mission. As a mission we all gathered in our apartments today and prayed that all would be well. We know the will of Heavenly Father will be done.

So yeah thats the fun stuff going on right now. Here are some pictures of the pig roast and our baptisms. Also my new companion. I hope you all are still doing awesome and never forget that i love you!!!!!!

Elder James Bradley McGuire


Cooking Pigs!

Eating pig! Yummy!!

Me and Elder Moleme!

Me.... In a tree!

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