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Monday, July 28, 2014

July is Almost Gone!!

Dear Family,

This week was insane!!! so many things happened and i don't know where to start. Tuesday was Elder Moleme's last day in Swedru so it was full of goodbyes and food appointments hahaha. Ghanaians love to feed us. we were also able to have some good lessons and the work is progressing.

This week We were working to prepare 3 investigators for baptism this Sunday. About half way through the week the spirit said it would be better to move the baptism to next week. we were bumbed cuz we were gonna miss our goal for the month. but these are souls were dealing with needless to say the decision wasn't hard. so we postponed them and it was good in the end. Sunday we had rainstorms, baby blessings, funerals, and everything else you could possibly imagine happen. so needless to say had we tried to have the baptism it wouldn't have happened anyway. We have also been working with a lot of less actives lately and that is going well. We have this one Grace, she is 18 and was baptized very young and then stopped just a small time later. she said it was because she moved but she doesn't live far from the church. Sunday she finally opened up to us after a month of teaching her and she told us she was in class one day and she was mocked by her classmates and her teacher for the clothes she wore. it was traumatizing for her 9 year old mind so she never came back again. She remembers it like it was yesterday. but thankfully because she opened up to us she is much more happy around us and we hope this means she will be coming.

My new companion is Elder Oluk from Uganda and he is great. He only has 3 weeks left but he is still working and hard and we are having fun together. I miss moleme because we were really enjoying our time but i like my new companion great.

This week we also were planning for an activity that we had today that was amazing. We had a combined zone activity at the beach with 2 zones. We roasted 3 pigs and had a lot of other food and it was sooo awesome. But it was a TON of work and stress. luckily we handled everything okay and we made it through with no problems. it was great.

This week in the missionary work i have really noticed the importance of listening. sometimes people dont need big inspiring scriptures or the testimony as powerful as you can get it to be. they just need you to sit and listen. and when you listen you dont have to wonder what to say or how to say it because as you pay attention and you focus on how much  you love the person the response naturally comes. Listening is great!!!!

i am happy in the missionary work right now and i am just loving life. im so happy to hear about how all of you are doing and all the fun, the hard things, and the inbetween. This is life!!!! live it! and Enjoy it! everyday try to improve and become more like christ and you will be happy!!! i love you all!!!!


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