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Monday, July 21, 2014

So Fun, So Tired!!

Dear Family!!!

IT is insane to me that another week has already come and gone!!!! days have turned into hours and weeks into days! it seems like i got to swedru just a few minutes ago and it has already been a full transfer!!!!! IT sounds like everyone is doing great! you cant imagine how it makes me feel to hear good things from all of you. There are alot of missionaries in my mission who dont get mail at all they have all been disowned because of their decision to come on a mission or they just come from such small places their families dont know how to use computers! i really am so blessed to have all of you to support me and i am so grateful! i couldnt do it without you!

So this week for me was actually really normal. there was nothing  big out of the ordinary or anything like that. the work was somehow slow but its still incredible!!! We are working really closely with our investigators right now we are preparing 3 for baptism on sunday and a family for next month. They are all progressing its just been slow. but we are taking what we can get. we struggle out here because in my area not a lot of people speak english and we dont have too many people to help us translate. im no where near good enough to be able to teach in Fante so its been a struggle but we are making it work.

We did have the opportunity on wednesday to go to a district meeting in the zone and it was great. we were able to see the other elders in the zone and speak with them. they are all doing well and its great to hear the stories about the work they are doing. We also had an amazing district meeting this week. WE talked about the atonement and it was just incredible. I think my favorite point brought up is that one of the reasons that Christ had to suffer was so he could Succor us. And if you think about that you can learn a lot from it. If you have never experienced a particular trial it is very hard to comfort those who are passing through it. Christ did it and he knows how it all is. He truly does know how to succor us in our trials. Another thing i noticed is that at least out here members of the church dont have much. and Everywhere members pass through trials everyday that are staggering to comprehend. and when you look at the outside world they seem to just be skating by doing what they please. Now there are many reasons why we are tried but i believe that one of them is because in the church we are supposed to "mourn with those that mourn, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort" and how would we be able to do that if we haven't passed through trials ourselves??? it would be hard! The ultimate thing i love about the Atonement is that Jesus Christ did it because he loves us and he loves heavenly father. It is our responsibility to appreciate the Atonement by humbling ourselves and repenting of the things we do wrong. I love this gospel!!!

I hope that makes sense! haha

in other news. Elder Moleme is being transferred this week. we were so surprised to get the call. but he will be going on wednesday. My new companion is going to be Elder OLUK (O LUKE) he is from nigeria. He only has 4 weeks left. he is going home a lil early for school. so this is gonna be interesting. but im excited and ready to work. mission is amazing and im learning new things everyday. i love what morgan ellis said and its so true. our mission is to come closer to christ. There is a commandment that we should be perfect even as our father. there was only one perfect person! Jesus Christ. But Even Jesus Christ in his perfection did not achieve it all at once! he went from grace to grace! so thats what all of us should strive to be doing!

Family i love you all so much and i hope you have a great week!!!!!

love, Bradley

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