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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another Crazy Week!!

Sorry everyone, I have been completely slammed all week! Here is this week's letter from Elder McGuire!!! He even sent pictures!!!!!

Dear Family!!!

Holy cow this week was so crazy for all of us!!!! i cant believe you got to meet all of those amazing people!!!! I'm glad you did they have all had a huge effect on me out here! that's too bad that bailey got bit. and Dad is Selling the boat??? what happened to all those fishing trips we were gonna go on!! hahaha just kidding that's cool! i know we'll still have fun anyway like we always do.

Like i said this week was crazy! On Tuesday we went to the church at 9 am and there we met with pres. Stevenson for our interviews and they went well. he is a great man and i cant wait to work with him more. at 10 we started district meeting for the Odoben district in our zone. Elder moleme and I instructed and it went great. then when we finished we took a break. the other district came while we were having our break and so the Assistants instructed both districts and it was great. then Odoben district wrapped their meeting up and Swedru District began their meeting. We instructed again and it was a little different than the first time but it still went well and i learned a lot in both the meetings. This entire time President Interviewed all of the Elders in the Zone and then instructed each of the districts for a minute on various subjects. So we finally finished up with all of that at 4:30 in the Afternoon. just in time to run with Pres. Stevenson and the Assistants to our Stake PEC meeting where missionary work is discussed. We gave our report and came back in time to go to our bishops house and meet with his wife to talk about some investigators we are working with. Pres. Stevenson and his Wife tagged a long and it was cool having them with us. but that was the whole day and it was a long one!!! i collapsed on my bed at the end of the night asleep before my head hit the pillow. haha

Wednesday was great because we actually got to Proselyte! Our first lesson was out in Manso a lil village about 20 minutes walk from home. we taught a man whose son is on mission but he himself is not a member. the lesson went great and we made some progress with him. on the way home Elder Moleme's shoes took their last steps and totally wore out. so we went into swedru and I got him some new ones. He was so happy. he hasnt had good shoes for months! so back into our area we taught for the rest of the day and just had fun doing regular old missionary work!

Thursday we woke up and caught a tro tro to a place called Asikuma. its a town about 2 hours away and we have 4 elders in there. We did splits with them and they were great. I love being able to get out and see the investigators of the other missionaries. They are really working hard out there and there is a lot to be done! We spent the night there and it was fun talking with the Elders There.

Friday we woke up and went to Odoben, a city half way between Swedru and Asikuma, where we have 4 more elders. we did splits with them as well and we had much the same experience as the first. We left Odoben that evening to get home just in time for a YSA activity at our ward. It was combined with the other ward in Swedru and it was led by the Ivie's the mission couple and it was great. A lot of ysas brought friends and referrals and we got to here advice about finding an eternal companion hahaha always nice!

Saturday we finally got back into our area and things were business as usual. Our investigators are doing great and we have 3 progressing towards baptism on the 27th of this month. we are confident that they will meet that date and we are excited for it! Also on Saturday we went to Farm with and investigator and we did work! we cleared more land than i ever have before! probably because it was just tall grass instead of real bushes! but it was fun!

Sunday was amazing as ever and the spirit helped us out a lot!!!! a bunch of things fell through but one way or another we were led to people that needed to be taught and work was done! Elder moleme and i have just been having a blast and doing missionary work and i am really loving this part of my mission right now. Some sad news was that hi found out this week that Heidi is coming home, she has been really sick lately and things havent been getting better. hopefully the doctors at home will be able to help her out.

Shar sent me pictures of Brins wedding and it looked like it was Great!!!! im happy for her! Anyway family im gearing up for a pretty normal week this week so im excited!!!! i hope you all have a great one!!

I love you!!!

love, Elder McGuire

Pig Roast!!!



I LOVE GHANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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