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Monday, July 7, 2014

Crazy Week!

Dear Family,
Fourth of July week sounds like fun but quieter than normal. I guess
that's good seeing how crazy everything has been lately. I'm glad you
guys got to wind down a little bit. Things here have been great and
all over the place.
We had missionary leadership council on Wednesday in cape coast and it
was great. It was actually super long and we talked about a lot of
stuff. President Stevenson is great and I'm excited to work with him!
He was a CFO at home and is really efficient and smart in the way he
works. He wants to change a lot of things but it’s going to be good and
I'm interested to see how these next few months go. During the meeting
we talked about the purpose of councils and some other things and it
was nice. but it took all day! because we had to travel so far we
didn't get to proselyte at all. the joys of meetings!! ha ha I never
realized just how tiring it is to sit on your bum all day at
meetings!!! definitely not what I want to do for a living! Ha ha ha but
for church callings I guess it’s alright.
Our investigators are all doing pretty well. Their marriage issues have
been resolved and everyone has been progressing steadily for the last
2 weeks so we are excited, we are hoping that we will be able to have
their baptism by the end of the month. none of them speak English so
our challenge has been translators. I actually don't have a Ghanaian as
a companion now so we have to find people to help, but it’s alright
because the members help a lot.
On Friday I went on splits with our district leader who stays in our
apartment, we had a good day of splits and learned a lot from each
other then that night we went to a restaurant in town that sells was so good!!!1 I haven't had pizza since I left Tarkwa it’s
been 10 months!!!!! so needless to say I was happy! hahaha
Saturday was a pretty crazy day. WE were teaching a lesson at a fruit
stand on the side of the main road and I looked up from my scriptures
and I noticed in the middle of the road that there was a kid lying on
the ground convulsing and foaming at the mouth. he was having a
seizure! we ran and got him off the road and on to the cleanest floor
nearby in a bar and calmed him down. it was crazy! the worst part was
that people saw and weren't doing anything about it! luckily the kid
stabilized after about 30 minutes and was okay but it was serious! I
felt bad because I had been taught how to handle that stuff in school and
I forgot a lot of it! got to study a lot when I come home! After that
the day was pretty normal but we had some great lessons and people
were talking to us a lot about what had happened, hope some missionary
work comes out of it!:)
Fast Sunday was sweet! I love hearing the testimonies of the members
and the little kids. they are all great and it reminds me a ton of
home. Fasting truly works miracles. we've been teaching a young man for
a long time and he has promised to bring his family for a while but
they've never made it. on Sunday they came and we were stoked! we're
excited to keep working with them closely.
Today has been awesome. this morning the entire district came over to our
apartment and we roasted a pig! everyone put their money together and
we put together this huge meal. we had Pig, cassava, yam, cake (made by
Elder Jones from Arizona) and ice cream!!! it was incredible! I
reminded me so much of home! hahaha but we had blast and it brought us
closer as a district!
That would be incredible about the dresses! we have an orphanage just
down the street called Helping hands orphanage, it’s sponsored by
members and the Mission couple here in Swedru works there a lot. so
ill give them your email and tell them to communicate details to you.
it would be so great!
Well family I'm sorry its short but my times up I hope that you guys
have a great week and remember that I love you so much!
Love, Elder McGuire!

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