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Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Plus Pictures!!

Dear Family,

So were double dipping on the missionaries now huh?? that is so crazy!!!!!! im glad she was doing okay in the first 8hours i remember how humbling those first few days were.......good thing mission was never supposed to be easy!!!! if it was we wouldnt learn anything!!! im so grateful to be having a sister serve a mission alongside with me and for the great support and example you all set for me without you we couldnt do it!!!! the summer seems to be awesome for all of you guys. that is so sweet that you are sending dresses here! there is an orphanage just down the street sponsored by church members called helping hands orphanage and its sweet. how cool would it be if they went there??

this week was good for us. the work is still slow but its still improving bit by bit. we are working with 4 main people right now and they are all having issues with traditional marraige stuff. luckily its starting to get sorted out so they all have baptismal dates for the end of next month, i hope they make it! we are gonna work our hardest and hope it all works out. We did get to participate in a baptism for a member this week though. his son just turned 8 so it was a child of record baptism but it is always so special to witness such an incredible ordinance.

The ward here is amazing and the members are incredible! Our Bishop here is especially sweet. He studied criminal law in utah for 7 years. 2 at ceu and the rest at Weber state university. He is so amazing and helps us a ton in the work. just this last sunday he called a new ward mission leader, an instructor for our investigators class, and 2 ward missionaries and we are excited! they are gonna boost this work a lot for this area. Another cool thing is that Bishop is going to be in utah next week so he can surprise the Shulz's and go to their homecoming. He lived with and knows the shuls's extremely well. SO if you guys go to the homecoming on the 13th you will get to meet him!!! how cool would that be?!?!?! you guys at home could meet the bishop of my ward here in ghana!!!! he even says hes gonna take an empty suit case to fill with candy and stuff hahaha. he loves american food! but yeah it would be sweet if you could meet him!!!

The Shulz's left this morning to get on a plane so they are officially gone. President Stevenson got here on saturday and is rearing to go. on wednesday we are going to have mission leadership council so all the zone leaders will meet him and talk. im excited for that! i know there are gonna be a lot of changes but im excited to see how its all gonna be and im excited to learn from him.

Today for pday we got to go to the beach!! it was so awesome we went as a zone and played football and just had fun. we took some fun pictures and luckily they worked today so ill send them. the only drawback was that i got fried!!!! i havent gotten burned in a long time! its so funny that i can proselyte all day and not get burned at all but then i go play football on the beach under the same sun and it burns! there seems to be a contrast between when im proselyting and when im not;) hahaha the lord helps us so much out here!

Everything really is going great and i hope it is the same for you guys. i cant believe its the 4th this week! on saturday ill be at 15 months!!! so crazy! i thought time would have slowed down by know but its just speeding up!!!! i just want to work hard and do all that i can to further the lords work. i hope you have a great week and never forget that i love you!!!!

love, Elder James Bradley McGuire

One Last Picture with Sister Shulz...

...and President Shulz!

John Ewusies baptism the last Saturday I was in Aba Krampa

The Chapel!

I guess it means, "See no evil, speak no evil, smell no evil!"


... Beach...

... and Guess what?? More Beach!! :)

Like my tan line?? Me too!!

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