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Monday, August 18, 2014

Another Exciting week in the Zone!

Dear Family,

Its been another crazy week here In Swedru and my time is running low today so I'm gonna try to get it all it!
SO ill start off with stake PEC this week. It went amazing! we had good reports from all of our areas in the zone so we were able to also make a good report to the stake president and he suggested some good things that will help us in the zone a lot! The Ivey's(our mission couple) were there and they offered to give us a ride home. Obviously we chose 30 minutes of Air conditioned comfort over 45 in a hot sweaty tro tro. on the way because of the darkness and weird lighting from cars we hit a pot hole really hard and it totally killed the engine. we pulled over and could find nothing wrong with it but the car just would not start! the batter was fine the ignition is great and we couldn't figure it out. We called the Fleet manager in Accra and he said he new what was wrong but couldn't explain it to us so he told us he was sending someone right now from Accra to fix it. take note it was 8:45 and its a 2 hour drive from Accra to where we were. so we waited on the side of the road for two hours talking and chilling. Eventually the guy came and fixed it and it only took him 2 seconds. the annoying thing was that he could have told us and we could have done it 2 hours ago. but whatever. so we had a late night on Tuesday haha!
The next morning we were with the Ivey's again off to the other district in the zone for District meeting and then splits that night. The splits went well and we were able to help them with a few things they were struggling with. We spent the night there too, man i love sleeping on the floor! hahaha WE came back the next day and had our own district meeting that was great. My companion gave his goodbye testimony and it was rough for him. After District meeting we went for fufu as usual except the Ivey's came with us and ate with us! it was so great because elder Ivey had never tried it and sister Ivey hated it, they were good sports though and they tried it for a minute. then us elders were kind enough to finish it off for them haha.
Fred is doing great this week. He loves reading the Book of Mormon and he is already to Alma! we've only been teaching him for 3 weeks! then he came with us and helped us to teach a couple lessons and he bore testimony that he knew that it was all true! man we are so lucky! he will be more than ready for his baptism on the 31st!
Saturday was the All Africa Helping Hands Service project and it was great! we combined our wards together and we cleaned the nasty gutters for 3 hours complete with raw sewage, dead critters, and a whole lot of other stuff that i don't want to talk about but it was great! a lot of missionary opportunities will come from it.
Sunday was amazing because Sis Mercy was Confirmed and it was our missionary Sunday. Our Ward mission leader spoke and taught classes and we helped and we are putting together a finding activity with the whole ward. we are all gonna go out and contact and meet referrals and find less actives and its gonna be great! that will be Wednesday.
Today was interesting. Elder Oluk is Gone! he was somehow scared to go! i just don't think he was quite ready for it. but i don't think anyone ever is but we said goodbye and he is on his way! I'm gonna miss that kid! My new companion is going to be Elder Tembedza, he is from Zimbabwe and we have been in the same zone before so we know each other so it should be great! Elder Jalso got called to be a Zone leader so he is leaving too. ill miss him a lot too.
I'm sorry i have so much more to write but time is out! i hope you all have a great week and never forget that i love you!

Elder McGuire

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