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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Dear Family,

This week has been hahaha another week. time keeps on moving and so does the work! things are good and they are moving along slowly but surely.

We had Mission Leadership Council this week and it was great! my favorite part was that President Stevenson Shared a talk with us given by Pres. Uctdorf while he was in the mtc. It is called "Fear Not, I am with thee" it was about being bold as a missionary and not having fear. He made a statement that when we are bold people should be able to feel our love for them. to be overbearing is to be bold without showing love. so many times people like to challenge your testimony and we tend to become annoyed with it but as we strive to show our love for the people we serve they will be able to feel it and we will show that christlkike love that we are supposed to have.

We had an interesting first this week. Ever since Elder Tembedza has come here to be my companion we have always had a member with us to help. every single day! not once have we gone with out a member. even if we only had them for an hour we had them. this week we had a whole day where a member didnt help us and it was horrible!!! we had some really rough lessons and the day just didnt go right. so yes you members are all incredible and you help us in the work so much! so please if the missionaries ask for help do all you can to do so!! we really appreciate it!

This week i have been lucky enough to be able to listen to a lot of the new General Conference talks and they are great!!! i feel like the overall message of conference was about repentance and strengthening our testimonies. so i am doing my best to work on both of those. obviously there were tons of other messages so im studying them so i can be closer to my Heavenly Father.

Another cool thing this week. We were over at bishops house and i looked in his garden and i noticed a tiny little pumpkin growing!!! i asked him where he got it and he said that the mission couple had given him the seeds. it was a pathetic little thing but it was a pumpkin!!! it reminded me of home hahaha. i think im gonna buy a watermelon and carve it for halloween this year, doesnt that sound like a good idea? haha

The Teteh family is doing good and we are trying hard to work very closely with them. they still have a lot of steps to take. their main source of income is a Fruit stand and they are struggling with closing it on Sundays. were praying for them and doiing our best at helping them understand the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy. i think one of the hardest challenges to overcome with almost everyone here is just the putting away of tradition. these are a very tradition oreinted people and its difficult to bring them into the culture of the church. Thanks to our Heavenly Father he helps us a lot in that aspect.

the work is great and i love it!!! im sad to hear about pat. i hope and pray that everything goes well these last 2 months. everyone sounds so happy and busy and im so grateful to all of you and the support you give me!!! have a great week!!! i love you!!

Elder McGuire

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