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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Here's our new stories for the week! They're crazy!

Dear Family!!
This week just like all the rest has been awesome!!!! its been full of ups and downs and just all over the place!!!!!
So tuesday was a good working day and we had some good lessons. then around 5 pm the 1st counselor in the mission presidency, president Bybee and his wife came to our house. they brought us a kitchen table!!! hahaha we dont have to eat at our desks anymore!!! they also restocked us for propane for our stove. we then went with them to Takoradi about 2 hours away because wednesday was mission conference in cape coast and since its 5 hours from my apartment we decided to break the trip so we didnt have to wake up at 3 in the morning to be there on time. so we went to takoradi and stayed with our whole district in one apartment and had a blast!!! we ate alligator for dinner!!!! it was interesting kinda like really chewy fish but it was good because one of the elders had gotten a package with some sweet baby rays bbq sauce in it that he used with it.
Wednesday was mission conference. we made it to cape coast around 9:30 and it started at 10. It was way awesome because i got to see all of my friends from the mtc!! elder quasie my old comp is doing awesome!! we had instruction for the first 4 hours and it was way sweet!! president Shulz spoke on nothing but the atonement and repentance, it was incredible!!!!! i loved every second of it and it only felt like 10 minutes and then it was over! after instruction we had lunch and just sat and talked with everyone. then finally at 4 we had to leave and me and my comp were going all the way back to our area that night. so we started the long trip home and made it back around 10pm.
Thursday was nice because it was a normal good working day and we taught a lot of awesome lessons. we also did our final lessons with sister paulina and sister maame efua before they would be interviewed for baptism on friday they were both doing great and were totally ready for everything.
Friday was a lot of fun. we were having interviews for a baptismal candidates so we went on splits again. i got to go to nkroful with Elder Cardon again and we had a blast!! we went to the part of their area by the beach again and we taught some good lessons and prepared all of their baptismal candidates for their baptisms the next day and it was awesome. that night we talked and just had fun.
Saturday my comp and our district leader came to nkroful and then me and elder moleme turned around and left back to our area. both of our baptismal candidates passed their interviews with flying colors and were totally ready. now we had a bit of a dilema this week because our font still leaks and we have no way to fill it full and we were going to be baptizing sister paulina the large 60 year old woman so we neeeded a full font!!!! so we decided that we should pay for water to be trucked in to us. other elders had done it before so we thought it was a good idea. the only problem was they only had one days notice and it was on a sunday. so we spent the rest of the day looking for someone that could bring us water. we finally found somebody but they were going to charge us an outrageous price!!! so we ended the night
Sunday we woke up and had church as usual. everything went well and i taught sunday school again. then the second church ended me my companion and our baptismal candidates left with a few members and went to takoradi where our stake center is. (about 2 hours away) and we did the baptism there. it took a while but in the end the baptism was great and everything went great!!!! we then came home and made it around 5. then my companion worked his magic again and had 2 meals lined up for us. luckily now i like all of the food here so eating was not a problem, the problem for me now its to make sure i dont get fat!!! hahaha so after the meals we taught 1 lesson and did some contacting and finished out the week./
this week was awesome!!!
Since its the reunion this week i was hoping you could get everyone to write me a letter and send them that would be awesome!!!! getting letters out here is like christmas!! also send me pics of everthing you do!!!!
Mom tell brad that elder pinneger of the quorum of the 70 also gave a talk on that subject and its awesome!!!!! just a thought:)
Hahaha the rain actually hasnt been to bad its been about 2 weeks since it rained but yesterday and today its been going strong. the weather here has gotten a little cooler so its been nice!!! i actually got cold the other day!!!! and im pretty sure it never gets below 75 here. thats crazy that its so hot back home!!! keep going to 7 peaks and eating ice cream!!!!
I love you all have an awesome week at the family reunion!!!!
Love, Elder Bradley McGuire

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