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Monday, July 15, 2013

He's Training!

Sounds like he's had an awesome week, especially hanging out with his new comp! It's so cool that Elder Keetch knows our cousin Jennie!

Dear family!!!!
Okay so this week has been AWESOME!!!!!!! so ill start from monday
Monday night we had fhe with our branch president and then came home. elder moleme spent a long time packing up all of his stuff and getting ready to go.
Tuesday morning we woke up early and left with all of elder molemes bags and headed to takoradi for combined district meeting. we had district meeting and it went awesome! then afterwards we got food and shopped around takoradi for a while then. elder moleme and another elder from our district who was being transferred left and went and stayed with the Zone leaders so me and the companion to the other elder who was leaving went back to his apartment in Nkroful where elder cardon is. i spent the night there and we had fun talking and playing games. then wednesday morning came and. Elder ighama and i went and proselyted in his area for a little while and then around 3 we had to head back to takoradi to pick up our new companions!!
when i got there my trainee was waiting for me. His name is Elder Tyler Keetch! he is from highland utah and actually knows Jennie!!! his father is also Elder Keetch who is the area authority in northern utah so Dad might know him!!!! oh yeah he is also 6' 5". the whole time i was with elder moleme i was the giant one but now ive become the shrimp hahaha. so anyway i met up with elder keetch then President and Sister Bybee drove us back to tarkwa. we made it back around 7:30, just in time for something we call midweek.(its like mutual for the whole ward but only about 10 people ever come). So elder keetch got to meet some of the members that night and start learning the language out here. that night i also made Hamburgers!!!! they were super good and it was the first time we had anything like it here! elder keetch was super happy
So the last few days have just been work work work and i am training so it has been pretty fun!! but i do have a lot more responsibility now and its a lot of work. but elder keetch has been awesome and we are already super good friends. we get along really well and we are teaching a lot. we have this couple that we have been preparing for baptism for a while now and we found out that they arent married. we thought the whole time that they were because they act like it but they actually arent so we had to push their baptismal date back. Marraige here is a big problem here because they have to perform all of these traditional rights and its a super long process and it is really really expensive! but hopefully they will work it out soon.
So something incredible is happening. i can speak the language and i am actually doing really well! when elder moleme was here things were hard and i couldnt say very much but all of the sudden in the last 2 weeks i have been able to say a ton and i can understand almost everything people say so i am super happy about that! it makes things a lot easier and the people are way more willing to talk with us when we speak.
This week has been awesome and i hope you guys are doing good! i was sitting studying saturday morning when i realized that the westfork opener was this weekend and i freaked out!!!!! i hope you took some pictures!!! kait sent me one but you guys should send some more!!! hahahaha I hope dan caught something this year! hahahaha jk bro!!! anyway have an awesome week!!!! i love you all!!!
Love, Elder McGuire

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