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Friday, July 26, 2013

Great Week!

Another GREAT week in Ghana! Here's the details.

Dear family!
So another week come and gone haha and what am i gonna was awesome!!!! it sounds like you guys are having a great time at home!!! tell everyone hi at the reunion for me!!! and i will ask for the same thing. letters from everyone!!!! i want to hear how they are all doing!!!!
So heres the week. On tuesday we went in to takoradi for a combined district meeting again and president shulz came and instructed on repentance and it was soooo awesome!!!! it helped a lot for how we should be teaching our investigators. after the meeting was over we went and got this food called red red which i love! its fried plantain and beans with this stuff called Gari(basically the same stuff as farofa) and it was awesome. then we headed back for tarkwa. when we got back we taught some good lessons and the day was over all a success.
Wednesday was great and we were super busy!!!! we had a lesson for every hour that we were proselyting and only 1 of them fell through so we didnt even have time to breath! and all the lessons we had were great!!! we are finding a lot of new people and we are preparing a lot for baptism. august is going to be a big month for us and im excited!!!!
Thursday was a sweet day because President and Sister Bybee came out to tarkwa and they gave us haircuts and fed us lunch and it was Chicken salad Sandwiches and it was soooooo awesome!!! definitely the best meal ive had so far out here!! then we took them all over tarkwa!! tarkwa is huge and they didnt know just how huge so we showed them the entire town and showed them a few places that new groups will be starting soon. the work really is moving along at a fast pace here and i cant wait to keep working for it. so after a few hours the bybees had to head back to takoradi and so they dropped us off, and once again we were busy teaching lessons for the rest of the day.
Friday and saturday were also hard working days too. teaching lessons doing small acts of service and talking to everyone in sight!!!! we have gotten a ton of contacts and a bunch of potential new investigators that we are optimistic about and are excited to begin teaching.
Sunday was awesome! and a little interesting i woke up to the phone ringing at 5:30 in the morning and it was a guy that we had contacted the day before and he was drunk when we met him. He called and told me that he was at the gates of the church(also out apartment) and that he was ready for church and he was just soooo excited!!! I told him that church didnt start for almost 4 hours!!!! he said he didnt care he wanted to wait so we let him in to the chapel and suprisingly he was dressed in slacks and a white shirt. we decided to change really quick and take advantage of the time we had and go teach him. so we taught him the entire first lesson and committed him to baptism. I was worried at the start because i thought he might be drunk but he was wide awake and very serious about everything so we are cautiously optimistic about him. so he ended up being at the church for 7 hours yesterday!!! church went well and we got to teach some of our investigators in the third hour and also prepared a 14 year old girl for baptism. she will be baptized this coming sunday and i hope that everything goes well for her!! im excited! after church we went to a members house and had lunch then a few of the ysa came over and we had a lesson with them. then one of them showed up late and he brought a friend with him and we ended up talking with him for 2 hours about the church and about questions he had for us!! we will be meeting with him again on tuesday and hopefully we will be able to teach him. by the time that was all over it was time to head back to the apartment. when we were adding up numbers for the week we ended up teaching 23 lessons this week!!!!!! that is crazy considering the norm to be 15-17 lessons. we have been working hard and its starting to pay off!!! i cant wait to see where it all goes!!!
Mom i had to read the email a couple times when you said you rode 40 miles!!!!! holy cow thats awesome!!!!! you are going to have to help me get back in shape when i get home!!!!
i hope everyone is happy and doing good!!! keep it up and be safe!!! love you all!!!
Love, Elder McGuire

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