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Monday, July 29, 2013

Another "AWESOME" week!

Dear Family!!!
This week has been.......what do you think im gonna say??!!....It was Awesome!!! we have just been so busy we are having a hard time keeping up with everything but it is all going awesome!!
Tuesday we had district meeting in Agona, about an hours tro ride away, and it was really good. we talked about goals and heard some good instruction from our district leader, then afterwards we all went and got fufu and talked. when we were in getting a tro back to tarkwa we saw some younger white girls and it was really weird. seeing white people is not normal here so we didnt know what to think....hahaha but then we looked at our selves and said "oh yeah! haha i forgot!" i guess thats what everyone else thinks when they see us!
Wednesday was full of surprises. i woke up in the morning and just felt like i should go check on the chapel up stairs. when i got inside the entire place was flooded!! on of the toilets had been leaking since sunday and there was water all over the floor!! so we spent the next 3 hours mopping and cleaning up and we still managed to study and get out to teaching by 11. Its been raining a lot lately but we have just been truckin through it and we have been teaching a lot of lessons so the rest of the day was just work work work.
Thursday Rained almost the whole day. sometimes it does this cool thing where the rain is really misty and it actually falls almost exactly like snow! so we just walked through it all day, we still got pretty wet but it wasnt too bad. we have started getting a bunch of new investigators and they are all super awesome!!!! elder keetch and  i are working well together and we have been able to teach and teach with the spirit and it has been amazing!!!
Friday we went on splits because we had a baptism coming up and the candidate needed to be interviewed so elder keetch went to nkroful and our district leader elder beck came and we had a fun day and worked hard. the interview went well and the girl was ready for baptism. her name is Abigail Arthur and she is awesome!! that night we went to the hotel by our place and got pizza!!!! it was incredible!! i miss pizza so much!haha
Saturday we woke up early and went to nkroful. i picked up elder keetch and we came back to tarkwa. now that trip is about 2 hours one way so i was traveling for almost 5 hours saturday. so we worked hard for the rest of the day and that night i taught seminary for the youth.
Sunday was sweet!!! we Had a baptism and it went well. They have tried so many things to fix our font but its still leaking. but it was okay because we had enough water for sitting baptism. Abigail wanted elder keetch to baptize her so he was way excited and so was i! it was awesome!! then after church we went to a members and had lunch. After that we went and visited a guy that we had talked to on the street a week before and we had an Awesome lesson!!! the spirit was sooo strong and we will definitely be working very close with this guy. after the lesson we did some visits with members for the rest of the night and it was all awesome.
Today we are in takoradi and we played basketball today and had a blast!!! i got a letter from krissy today!! and i cant wait to read it tonight! I also got 2 letters from shar that ive been waiting for for a long time so i was pretty dang happy:)
I was sad when i read that Grandma Bradley passed away today but i am also happy. she really has gone to a better place and her and grandpa are very happy right now. and now im sure she is working hard sharing the gospel. i hope you are all doing that back home!!!  i love all of you!!! please send me pics of the reunion and the funeral this week:)
Love, Elder McGuire

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