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Monday, August 5, 2013

Busy Week!

Elder McGuire is on fire! He is really doing great, and we are so grateful that he's doing so good! Here's the new update for the week! I can't believe he's teaching seminary! It's all so exciting.

Dear Family,

Im glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that you are all happy and smiling! i was really sad when i heard the news about grandma but i was also relieved in a way she is definitely in a better place now:)

the week here in tarkwa was great!
Tuesday we had district meeting and since we were traveling all of monday we came back and did all of our shopping and washing and luckily we still had time to teach 2 lessons before the end of the night

Wednesday was a sweet day and we taught a bunch of lessons. We have a lot of people to teach right now and we are working our best to prepare them for baptism. this coming saturday we are having another baptism for a young man named Samuel who is just amazing!! he is like my brother out here and im sure we knew each other really well before we came to this earth. i am so excited!!!!!! he is incredible and is totally ready! since we had so many people to teach we missed midweek with the branch and taught instead.

Thursday was just like wednesday all teaching and all work, and our members are giving us referrals like crazy!! we are having a hard time keeping up with everything and are doing our best to stay organized with it all, i really hope president shulz decides to send more missionaries soon!!!! tarkwa is too big to only have 2 missionaries here!

Friday we did splits with the zone leaders and it was awesome!!!! i got to stay in tarkwa and Elder Durfey came and worked with me. it was nice to learn from him. i love splits because you get to see different styles of teaching and learn new ways to present things. Elder Durfey loves country music so we spent the whole day singing our favorite songs walking to different lessons. it was a lot of fun!

Satruday we switched back and since we are 2 hours away from the ZL's area it took us till noon to get back in to our area, but we worked hard and still had a nice day of teaching. then at 5 we came to the chapel for cleaning and also for seminary. the branch seminary teacher moved about a month ago so i am the new seminary teacher and i actually love it! we have some awesome youth in the branch and they are all awesome!!

Sunday was a great day. it was fast and testimony sunday and there were a lot of our investigators who came to church. We also Confirmed Abigail a member and she was sooo happy. after church we went to a members for lunch and we had fun talking with the whole family (who arent members) after that we went and taught a few good lessons and made some visits to people we havent seen in a while. we also got more referrals!! man i love it when members help us!!

Today has been nice and relaxing and i am ready to get back to work!!!! As for package requests, i would love some maple so i can make syrup, any candy i would love!! also maybe beef jerkey??:) i think that would be great!!! i love you all and hope you have an amazing week!!!!!

Love, Elder Bradley McGuire

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