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Monday, August 26, 2013

First week on the Job

Dear Family!!!!
Another week has come and gone and i am happy as ever! the work here is awesome and im glad to hear that you guys are all doing well too!!
tuesday was an awesome day. we had a combined district meeting in takoradi and we had a nice lesson. the elders that were all being transferred stood up and bore their testimonies. then we went to this place called Garden Mart and it has a bunch of american things in it and i found blazing buffalo ranch doritos!!!!! i was soooo happy!!! then we came back to tarkwa and had a good lesson to finish off the day.
Wednesday was transfers so since wednesday ive been the district leader!! for us though in our area nothing changed. we taught a bunch of lessons. one in particular was really cool. So we were going to teach this guy named Shadrack and he is way cool! this was a big lesson for us because we were trying to decide whether or not to drop him and this lesson would tell us what to do. so he lives in a furniture workshop and when we walked in everything was loud, there were sanders, saws, and radios. but we sat down with him and just kinda started to talk. we got to a point that we wanted to pray to begin the lesson and i realized that everything had been turned off and everyone was gone but us. We had a great lesson and he started off by telling us that he knows the book of mormon is true!!!! needless to say we were so excited and he is going to be baptized in the next 2 weeks! it was a great lesson.
Thursday was a busy workin day with lesson after lesson. we also had 3 people give us food and it was all yams with this stuff called contombre. it was good the first time...after that we just had to force it down. it is very rude to refuse food here, you might as well slap someone in the face. so we ate and im heavier now hahaha not really;)
Friday i had my first interview to do as district leader for a baptismal candidate. it was in a place called Axim which is about 2 1/2 hours away so we left around noon and had the interview at 3. it went really well and it was interesting to be on the other side of an interview but it was great and the young man was more than ready to be baptized. we made it back to tarkwa just in time to have 1 last lesson to finish off the night.
Saturday we were tired. from the traveling and the lessons we were just tired. but the lord took care of us. from the way our lessons were planned out it looked like it was gonna be a long day of walking. but we had 2 cab drivers pull over and tell us they would take us where ever we wanted for free. i was so greatful! heavenly father really does watch out for us. so we had some amazing lessons that day and it was great. also that night i made a grill out of bricks and a metal grate and we had grilled chicken and rice for dinner and it was sooooo good!!
Sunday was also great as usual. church was nice. we had a confirmation and 5 investigators came. after church we went to a members for lunch and then to a lesson right after and it was a good lesson and helped us understand better what we need to teach. after that the branch president had us over for dinner and it was also great! then to finish off the night we taught a guy named eric. we were introduced to him by a member but he didnt seem too keen on meeting with us. but we called him and he told us to come over. so we came and i brought my guitar. the first time we met i had noticed he had a guitar and he told me he wanted to learn how to play. so we came and had a good lesson with him and after i taught him guitar for a bit. i played dream big and he loved it! everyone likes that song out here. but i was happy i could use my guitar to help the work along.
Today has been great. we came to takoradi today and played basketball and we had a great time. now we are emailing and after we will go home and shop and do our washing. i love you all and hope you are ready for school to start!!! hahaha
Love, Elder Bradley McGuire

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