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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Week of Miracles!

Dear Family,

This week was great! we had a few miracles and have been working as hard as we can. it sounds like you are all doing well and a lot of changes are happening back home, kaitlin in highschool and krissy in college!!! next thing your gonna tell me the first grandchild is on the way....(I hope so;) hahaha. mom and dad? how do you feel about being called Grandma and Grandpa??? hahaha
Anyway ill start with tuesday as usual. Tuesday we had district meeting as usual and it went pretty good. it was the first time that we have had just our district at the meeting and i was in charge since i became district leader. i did my best but i know ive got a long ways to go. I got my package!!! the bybees were driving through town and dropped it off for me!!! thank you grandma so much it is amazing!!!!!! i love you guys!!!!!!After district meeting we came back and had to do our washing and shopping because we didnt have time on monday since we were in takoradi. So that ended up taking up the rest of the day because our water was being difficult as usual.
Wedensday was a good day. we had a bunch of lessons and they all went well. we have been working to prepare a few people for baptism so we have been busy. wednesday was also midweek and a bunch of people came. we had a lesson on peace that was good. so the week i got here a trial started in ghana deciding whether or not the president of the country won the election unfairly. it has been going for a long time. and thursday they were giving the verdict. so wednesday night everyone was on the edge of their seats. they were all nervouse because people have been hearing about these rebellions and things in other countries and they were worried that the same thing would happen here. we actually had a bunch of our members tell us to stay inside all day long just in case. we got the final word from president shulz that night that it was okay to go out and work.  but everyone was nervous.
Thursday. the decision came and everything was fine. there were not rebellions or anything. it was pretty cool though they had cops and soldiers driving the streets with guns and tear gas launchers just to intimidate everyone. but yeah nothing happened. we ended up teaching a couple good lessons and the zone leaders came and interviewed 2 of our baptismal candidates and that took up the day.
Friday elder keetch and i went on splits. The elders in Nkroful had a candidate for baptism so i went to interview. so i was with elder cardon again! its been a while since weve done splits so we worked hard and had fun and the interview went great and their candidate was more than prepared. elder keetch also did great here in tarkwa.
Saturday was a long day but turned out to be amazing! we came back from nkroful and were trying to get ready for the baptism. we only had a little bit of water in our font and the water ran out again! we didnt even have enough for sitting baptism. so we called the zone leaders to see if we could come to takoradi. they said it would be better to just wait and do it later. we were okay with that but i didnt want to wait because it was the last day of the month and we wouldnt have met our goal for baptisms. and as a zone we wouldnt have made our goal it was dependant on our baptisms. and our candidates were really excited. But we had absolutely no way to get water. there are no wells near by our place and buying water was tooo expensive. while we were trying to decide what to do a member came to the church and wanted to talk to us about some gospel stuff. while we were talking a rainstorm came out of nowhere so we decided to put out buckets to catch some water.
it was raining hard so we were dumping buckets into the font to try and fill it. the second that we had enough water to do sitting baptism. the rain stopped and the clouds went away! i dont think i need to say it but i will. the lord blessed us with a miracle and we were so greatful! he really does watch over us out here! so we were able to have the baptism and it all went great! I baptized Stephanie (20) and elder keetch baptized Justice (17) they were brother and sister and it was sweet! to finish out the night we cleaned the church and had a small seminary meeting. yeah awesome day!
Sunday was also really good! Church was at 9 as usual and we had stephanie and justice's confirmations. We also had a baby blessing. here baby blessings are a huge deal so all of the family members of the family came to church and none of them were members. so we had 28 people in our investigators class rather than the usual 6or7 it was sweet! we got a lot of contacts out of it and i think we are going to be able to actually work with a few of them. also there is this lady that we buy bread from every week and she likes us a lot so she randomly decided to come to church too! so we were full at church. 
Today has been nice. we woke up and did our washing. thankfully our water has cleared up some. it has been too dirty to use for the last 3 weeks so we have been using Satchet water that weve bought to shower and cook and do dishes. but its cleaner now so were happy:) also President and Sister Bybee came and gave us haircuts. we just finished shopping and after email were gonna go to fhe.
So thats the week!!! it was amazing. NEver forget that the lord is there and he wants to help you and me and he will as long as we are obedient to his commandments! i love you all and i hope you have another good week!!!
Love, Elder Bradley McGuire
P.S. keep football updates coming;) hahaha

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