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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some Culture and things!

He's still amazing!!!! (Of course) Here's his letter for the week!

Dear Family

Wow it sounds like you guys had a blast this week!!!! that cabin is huge!!!!! were going there when i come home right???? hahaha thats crazy about grandma and grandpa's car! i hope everything is alright with them. and mirror lake!!!! you guys sure know how to make a missionary jealous hahaha;) its ok though the work is still as incredible as ever here!!
tuesday we had district meeting and it went great! i instructed on humility and it went really well. everyone in the district was willing to contribute and it turned it into a great discussion. i hope all of you contribute in church classes!! it helps the instructor out a lot!;) hahaha  and it makes it a better possibility to be guided by the spirit. so the meeting went well. and afterwards we always go get fufu together. 2 elders in our district dont usually like to join us but this week they decided to stick around and it was good. our district is becoming more unified now that we are getting to know each other better. After district meeting we came back and had 2 lessons to finish out the day.
Wednesday was a good day, we planned what looked like a busy day but not much ended up going as planned but i guess in the end its not about our plan but the lords plan. its also been raining a lot lately. we were walking and we heard a low rumble coming behind us. we turned around and it was a rainstorm coming our way. we could actually hear it because it was raining so hard and all the roofs here are made out of sheets of metal so when the water hits them its way loud. so we ducked under and overhang of a building and waited the rain out. that night we had midweek and seminary and it was a good day.

thursday we did splits because there was an interview in one of the areas for baptism. so i went to Axim with elder cardon and Elder keetch stayed in tarkwa with elder Hackmiester. splits were good, the interview was good in the fact that we realized that their candidate needed a little help and a little more teaching before he could be baptized. the law of chastity is a huge problem out here. They have traditional marraige here and it is EXPENSIVE and when guys dont have the money to pay they just move in with their girlfriends and after a certain period of time they are considered married. so needless to say we have a lot of lessons on chastity hahaha. it was cool to be in axim. its a fishing town right on the beach. i love being by the water! but tarkwa is nice because its the Area with the most hills in the whole mission hahaha.
Friday and saturday were good days as well. we stayed busy and taught quite a few lessons. i also got a sweet african painting! so we are teaching this young boy named Parden and weve been meeting with him for a while. he is really intelligent and likes the church. His mom will Not let us give him a book of mormon though so its been hard. all of their extended family are members but as for the parents they dont really want anything to do with the church. but they like us and they like that we study gospel principles with their son. they said that it would be okay if we just shared stories from the book of mormon though. so saturday we spent 2 hours talking about Ammon and and also the 2000 stripling warriors. He loved it!! i hope something changes to allow us to move forward with him.
Sunday was also a good day, church went well and we had some good talks in sacrament meeting. after church a member fed us and we met with a few people. there were a couple times where we took some turns not really understanding why but we ended up finding a member who had been trying to call us and had the wrong number and wanted a blessing. and also we found an investigator who we've not been able to see for a little while and it was great!!  the lord really does guide this work!!!
i realized i havent told you guys too much about the culture here, so here a few things off the top of my head.
they speak english here but its kinda different and they say a lot of funny things. like when you are saying "only a little" you say "small small". if you havent seen someone in a while you say "Hey long time!!". if something is broken or out you say " it is finished". a really funny one is when you say something that doesnt sound believable you say "Are you correct?". if you want to find the biggest concentration of dancers and drinkers just walk around on sundays and look for Funerals. people make funerals out to be the biggest party youve ever seen here. there is way more but thats what i can think of right now:)
Anyway i hope you are all happy and are doing well!! i love you all!! have a great week!
Love, Elder McGuire

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