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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Football, Lakes, and MORE!

Sorry family! I know that this one took me a little bit longer! But, here it is! Love ya!!!

Dear Family,
BYU WON!!!!!!! wahoo!!!!! i was so excited!!!!!! hahaha and im glad to hear that you all are doing well!
My week was good, a little bit slower than usual but good.
      Tuesday we didnt have district meeting because we were having combined on wednesday. so it was a normal day for us except for the first 2 hours of the day nobody could meet with us so we just walked around contacting. which i like a lot but sometimes it gets a little uneventful hahaha. but we taught some good lessons that day and had fun. we also found a restaraunt that sells wings!!!!!!! i was freaking out!!!!! hahaha lets just say they are NOT american but i liked what they were. needless to say i will be gaining weight when i come home hahaha.
      Wednesday was a fun day. we went to takoradi for Combined district meeting. President shulz came and he interviewed us all 1 on 1 and i loved it!!! i loved just being able to talk to him and ask for advice and just meet with him. he is so awesome! we also received some nice instruction from Sis. Shulz and  the APs and the Zone leaders. Remember how we had that miracle baptism. so president shulz talked about goals for the mission. he told us that as a mission we had a goal of 372 baptisms for this trimester. and we had 373!! if our baptism wouldnt have happened we wouldnt have met the goal as a mission!! and we have never met our goal since president shulz has been mission president. So...yeah thats sweet!!!! the meeting took most of the day and we made it back only in time to have one more lesson before we called it a day. 
      Thursday was a good normal day of teaching lessons and having fun!! we ran into a member who was selling food who decided to give us some. as she walked away she said enjoy the octopus!!!!! hahaha yeah octopus! we took it home and it was actually pretty good with Ketchup;)!
    Friday we went to Agona, and area in our district, to do some interviews for baptism. We were only supposed to be there for a couple hours but ended up spending the whole day because some of the people that needed interviews were hard to get ahold of and it just took a while. so we came back and had 1 lesson before the day finished up. 
       Saturday i woke up in the morning and elder keetch told me that he had spent the night Throwing up and didnt sleep well at all. so he slept for a while that morning while i studied. he said he was feeling alright. so we went to a ghanaian traditional wedding/dowry ceremony. it was for a cousin of one of our members that we knew. it was pretty cool and it was funny because they would stop everything and translate it into english so we could understand. it was interesting but it also made me sooo grateful for the temple and the power of the priesthood in our church. after keetch wasnt feeling so hot and the young women were having an activity at the church so we came back home and spent the rest of the day in. at 6 we had seminary and had a good lesson on faith. i tried to get the kids to do the faith fall where you stand on a desk and fall backwards without bending your legs and the kids would catch them. no one would do it!!!! but it was fun. then we had a lesson at the church at 7 with and investigator and finished the day. 

so sunday we woke up and keetch still wasnt feeling great so he slept. by the time church was over he was feeling good enough to go out. so we went to a members house for lunch and then went and had a few good lessons that night and visited a couple other members so we still had a good day.
Today we did a little exploring! i found out that there was a small lake(more like a big pond) in our area so we went with a member to check it out. it was sweet and i was dying for a fishing pole!!!!! so we were there for about an hour and a half and then came back, I MISS THE MOUNTAINS!!!!!!!! so ill just have to spend a lil extra time up there when im home but i absolutely love it here and i am happy:)
I hope you guys have another great week!!!!!!! be safe and work hard!!!
I love you all!!!
Love, Elder McGuire
P.S. Go COUGARS!!!!!

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