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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Working Hard!

Dear family!
It sounds like everyone is doing well and im happy to hear it! keep it up!
the week here in tarkwa was great and we got a lot done!!
tuesday was district meeting as usual and it went well, we came back to our area and just worked hard and had some really good lessons that night.

 was sweet. it was work work work. we found some new people that are awesome and i hope we can get somewhere with them. Wednesday morning when we were planning what to teach an investigator we both had no idea what to do so we got down on our knees and prayed and it was awesome!!! we came up with a few ideas and they ended up being perfect for what he needed and the lesson was powerful!! prayer is amazing and heavenly father really does hear and answer our prayers.

 was a good day. we have this investigator that we have been teaching since before i got here and he knows everything about the church and he knows its true but he doesnt come to church!! so finally we layed it down and said that we wouldnt come anymore unless he started coming to church. i hated doing that because i love the guy to death and he is awesome. but guess what?! it worked!! he came to church! if he keeps coming the next couple weeks he will be able to be baptized! i really hope he makes it!!

 was a great day we had some good lessons. one in particular stood out, i was probably as bold as i have ever been when teaching a lesson. we have been teaching a guy for the last month and he has done well. but he doesnt really take the book of mormon seriously because he loves the bible and says everything in the bom is in the bible. so i went and read 2nd Nephi 29 which kinda rags on the bible and people who say that only the bible should be used. it was bold but i think he got the message and actually it ended really well. Friday was also Samuel's interview for his baptism and he did great!! after the interview elder keetch and I went with our district leader and his comp to a resturaunt and got PIZZA!!!! it was sooo good and i  was soo happy!

 was long!! we woke up studied and then went with a member to a village about 30 minutes away to teach a lesson and when we got there the guy we were going to teach didnt even show up! and we had to hurry back to the church for sams baptism. but when we got back the town was completely out of water!! the branch president thought we should wait for a while to see if it would come but it never did. so we decided to have the baptism on sunday. so we went out to teach some lessons and everyone we planned to see didnt show up and we ended up contacting for 3 hours! then we came back to the church and had seminary and we had fun!! the lesson was on unity so i taught all the kids how to do the human knot. they figured out that they had to work together to get untangled and they all had fun.

 was a great day. church was awesome and we had a bunch of investigators come, including raymond so we can keep seeing him. after church there still wasnt any water so we headed to takoradi to the stake center to do the baptism. we had a whole 5 people there and we had a nice little baptismal service. it actually was great and sam was sooo excited to be baptized and i was soo excited too so i got to baptize him and it went great. we came back and went to a members house and had fufu with sam to celebrate and then taught a couple lessons to finish out the day.

Today has been good and they came and Fixed our font AGAIN so hopefully it wont be leaking again. ive got my fingers crossed!!! thanks everyone for being so amazing and supporting me out here!! i love you all!!!
HAve a great week!!
Love, Elder Bradley McGuire

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