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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Here's another one! AND HE'S A DISTRICT LEADER!!!!

Hey guys! Sorry I've been really slow at getting this one up here this week! Here's the latest and greatest from our friend in Africa!

Dear family,
Wow it souds like you guys are having a great time! it seems like summer is starting to wind down and school is winding up! i didnt realize just how fast this "summer" has gone! here the weather is always the same so its weird to call it summer hahaha.
so on tuesday we had district meeting as usual and it was good. it was the last time we will be together as this district because transfers is this coming week and we have some elders who have been here for a long time including our district leader...ill talk about that one in a bit;) so we came back from district meeting and we had some nice lessons to finish out the day.
Wednesday, thursday and friday were all basically the same just work work work. we taught a bunch of lessons this week and we walked all over the place just like usual! but the awesome continue to be awesome and i am absolutely loving every second of it because i am growing so much!. there was an exception for friday, one of the pipes out side our house burst and water was going everywhere! thankfully to all those times dad took us boys out to fix the sprinklers on the mow strip i was able to fix it up in just a few minutes after we got some supplies. so thanks dad!!!!
Saturday was a crazy day!! we woke up and studied like normal and went and taught 3 lessons for the first few hours. then a member had us come over and she taught us from start to finish how to make fufu and everything that goes with it and it takes about 3 hours!! but it was awesome and i gained a whole new appreciation for fufu. hahaha and now you all have to prepare yourselves because i am an expert on making and eating fufu so all of you are going to enjoy when i come home;) hahaha. at 5 we came back to the chapel for cleaning and for seminary and we had a lot of fun. Saturday was also the day for "Transfer News" where we find out who is getting transferred in the zone and how it affects us. be fore we got any news i got a call from the APs......they said that they were calling on behalf of president shulz and they said that they had a new assignment for me. they told me that my district leader was being transferred to another are and that i was called to be the new district leader!!!! what the heck!! i haven't even been here for 5 months yet!!! so needless to say the next little while is going to be interesting!! im gonna need your prayers! but i am going to do my best to fulfill the assignment the lord has given to me. Also, president shulz likes the district leaders to stay for a while once their called so i think that means im probably gonna be in tarkwa for at least a few more months, so i might not be goin to a new area till christmas or something but i guess we'll just have to see!!!
Sunday was also a great day. we had an awesome day for church but only a few investigators showed up. but after church we were able to meet with some people and give them baptismal dates so that was exciting.
today has been great too and we are going to the branch presidents house for FHE after this:)
Keep having fun everyone with the last couple weeks of summer and be safe and work hard!!! i love you all!!!
Love, Elder Bradley McGuire

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