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Friday, July 12, 2013


Hey guys! Sorry it's taken me so long this week! I've been out of town! Here's the good stories for the week!

P.S. He didn't send any pictures this week.... That boy.....
Dear family!!!!!
Well it seems like youve already heard my big news for this week....IM TRAINING!!!!!!! hahaha this is gonna be crazy!!!!
So tuesday was a good normal working day. we had a few good lessons and were just having fun in the work. we were picking up some pictures that we had printed at a shop a while ago and while we were waiting for them we got a call from president Shulz. he talked to my comp for a second and then handed the phone to me. he said "elder mcguire!! i have a new assignment for you!" i said "...okay president(hesitantly)" he said " we have 16 new elders coming this transfer and i want you to train one of them, do you think you can do that??" i said" i think so president!!" he chuckled and said " i sure hope you paid attention during your training!!!" i said "haha i hope so to president!!!!" and then he hung up. HOLY COW IM TRAINING!!!!!! this is awesome!!!!! so for the rest of that night we taught a couple lessons and then went home. that night elder moleme was excited because he has been in this area for 8 months and is ready to move on. he was so excited that he did a preliminary pack of his bags that night! it was so funny!
So wednesday was also another good working day and we taught some great lessons and we are really progressing with our investigators. i am excited because my new companion will come and we will have a few people to baptize in just a couple weeks!
Thursday we had about half of the day to work and then that night we started traveling. friday i was recieving training on how to train and it was at the mission home in cape coast. 1 other elder in my district is training so we first went to his area...about 2 hours away. then me and that elder left from his area while my comp stayed there. we traveled another 2 hours to takoradi and spent the night with some elders there. then friday morning we woke up and headed for cape coast. there were 5 people from my zone training this transfer. 3 elders and 2 sisters. out of everyone who came with me to the mission only 1 other elder is training and its elder larsen! one of the 2 guys i became super good freinds with. so we traveled another 2 hours to cape coast and finally made it to the mission home around 10:15. president shulz gave us some awesome training and it really gave me a new appreciation for the role of trainer!! i am nervous but soooo excited!!!! so we were trained for a couple hours and then sis shulz had brownies and ice cream for us!!!!!!! it was sooo good!! i havent had anything close to a brownie since i was home!!! haha so then we started the long trip back to our areas. 2 hours back to takoradi. 2 hours to the elders area. then i met up with my comp and 2 hours back to our area. we made it home around 8:30 and i was dead from the travel but it was and awesome day!
Saturday we got back to work and we were also waiting to find out where elder moleme would be going. finally the call came at 7:30 and he is going to an area kinda close by but its on the beach! he is gonna be with one of the guys who came with me. to be honest he was way bumbed but i talked him into bein happy about it and to celebrate that night we went to a resturant next door and got pizza!! it was awesome!! im gonna miss elder moleme but im also ready to move on.
Sunday was crazy for us! it was fast and testimony meeting at church and we announced that moleme was leaving so alot of people were bearing testimonies and it was sweet. then after church everybody wanted us to come over and eat food since moleme was leaving!! so we began the long afternoon of food. We had 4 meals!!!! and they were all huge!!!!!! we were both dying and both almost threw up but luckily we held it all in and made it through the day. we still managed to teach a lesson or 2 and walk home, but only just. hahahaha.
Today has been great!!! we had the mission contractor come and he actually worked on the font today!!! we found the problem. underneath the tile there was a big hole in the corner of the foundation so they filled it with concrete today and are coming back thursday to finish it up so we will finally have a font that works!!!! hahaha just in time for the new elder!!!
Anyway it sounds like you guys have been having a blast at home!!!!! the reunion sounds like it was awesome!!!!! thanks for getting everyone to write me on the poster!!!! the only thing i request is a scripture bag. i dont have one and my scriptures are taking a beating i made a cardboard case for them but it stinks. so if you could do that, it would be awesome! i hope you guys have an awesome week and you all are happy!!!
I love you!!!
Love, Elder McGuire
p.s. mom you look so skinny!!!!!!

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