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Monday, June 24, 2013

Yes, Some PICTURES!!!!

Hey family!!!! Guess what!?!?!? I got some of the pictures to work. Here's a few of them! I hope to have more up soon!

got to see an awesome sunset!! i was way happy because we dont see them very often!!!!!




So this guys name is Bruce he is a refugee from ivory coast, he is a member and he is awesome!!! he has had a lot of hardship he lost his wife recently and he has 2 little girls. he works in a small scale mine and anywhere else he can to help support his little girls. i love the guy

just a picture of me in the road:)

So you remember how i did a service project and moved dirt for a foundation of a house, well we went to see how it was coming and its doing great!!! they are building now and have the first round of bricks in!! its huge!!
Here's two pictures of the foundation before... Remember these???


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