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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

He Likes FUFU!!!

Hey Guys! Sorry this one's a little late! It's been crazy!

Dear Family!!!
Wow!! it sounds like you all have had quite the week!!! i hope you are all having fun!!! it sounds like its been a blast!!!!!! out here has been amazing!!!!! So if you remember last week while i was emailing it was raining a ton!!!!! so since it was raining so much we ended up staying the night in takoradi at one of the elders apartments there were 8of us and it was so much fun!!!
We finally got back to tarkwa around 2 pm tuesday and we hadnt done any of our washing or shopping or cleaning or anything so the rest of the day we finished all of that stuff.
Wednesday was a working day and we taught a bunch of really good powerful lessons and had a great time. Thursday, friday and saturday were all the same work work work!!! it is so awesome being out here. the people are great and the culture is amazing And i never thought i would say this but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FUFU!!!!!! hahaha it is so good ive had it 4 times this week and i love it!!!!! i am going to learn how to make it so when i come home i can let you my wonderful family taste it;) hahaha it has been raining a lot lately!! rainy season is in full swing and it rains for at least 4 hours everyday and it rains HARD!!! luckily we are in lessons most the time that it is raining and we have our umbrellas to keep us dry the rest of the time. but we do still get pretty wet but its all fun.
Sunday was really good. our investigators all came to church and they all understood the lessons really well. then after church we went to a members house and they fed us this stuff called red red. its fried plantain with beans and rice and it is awesome!!! we then had another meal at the branch presidents home right after and it was really good fufu. also on sunday we were walking through town when one of the crazy homeless people stopped us and talked to us. we talked for a second and then said that we had to go. She asked us for money and we said no as usual. as i was turning away from her she took my planner out of my shirt pocket and started to walk off with it!!!!!! i yelled and said hey give it back! she said "Give me money!!" i said no! just give it back to me. she said no i want money!! so i was going to give her about the equivalent of 10 cents because usually that makes them happy. She said no i want more than that. i said no just give it back. hahaha she then acted like she was gonna rip it in half so i just said "forget it!!" and we walked off. i was mad because we only get planners once a transfer and i hate using loose paper. i had also just gotten some new contacts and referrals in it. luckily i had an extra planner that i had got at the mtc back in provo when i worked there so its all ok but it was just kindof a crazy experience haha.
Today for p-day everyone in the zone came to takoradi and even president shulz came and we toured a cocoa factory here in the city. it was pretty sweet but we werent allowed to take pictures inside but it was cool. this week has been awesome!!! i hope you all keep having fun and be safe!!!!!!! mom that is so awesome that you ride so much!!! the branch has about 50 members here and is growing. im pretty sure we walk at least 15 miles everyday because tarkwa is huge!!! we actually got a scary call this week from president shulz. he had previously told us he was planning on sending more missionaries to tarkwa in july. we have been working hard with the members to set up a group that would eventually become another branch but the members arent really doing much about it. president shulz told us that if a unit isnt established no missionaries will come and he will pull me and elder moleme out of our area. its sad because the area only opened in november last year!!! so we are working super hard to get it going!!!! anyway thats the week!!! love you guys!!!
Love, Elder McGuire

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